Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Aug 6 2006 - Singletrack Mountain Biking (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Shelley Sanner
Participants:Shelley Sanner, ryan spahn

Write Up:
You know you're in good company when you find yourself riding over obstacles and around twisty singletrack while talking about skydiving, beatnik poets, clip-in pedals, skiing out West, and Sharkies. As REI says, every day is a good day to ride, but the days are even better when you have good company along on that ride.

After some last-minute logistical changes (on Friday afternoon, the host realized that Wakefield would be the site of the second race in the Cranky Monkey series), the group managed to meet up just as the final racers were crossing the finish line. We headed out on the first wooded, single-track loop and jumped a few obstacles, crossed a few streams, and did some technical maneuvering. It didn't take Ryan long to realize that he *did* need that water bottle back at the car, and it didn't take long for Rich to question the orienteering skills of the host. "Are we lost?" he teased. But the host took all of the bantering in stride--the fact that you could even joke about getting lost in a park that's just a stone's throw from the beltway is testament to how awesome DC really is.

So the group headed back to the parking lot to pick up more water and marvel at those things called Sharkies. Then it was off on the flat, gravel and asphalt cross county trail (which, as one rider pointed out, was technically inconsistent with the event description), but the group quickly veered off again on the winding Salamander Trail and followed the stream as it wound through some beautiful, but storm-damaged forest. This section--the easiest by far!--was also the site of the only event mishap. It took the host a few seconds to regroup, but what is a ride without a trip over the handlebars? And Ryan and Rich were very gracious about helping the host back to her feet.

We continued on to another loop and immediately saw the signs of the 250 or so racers that had ripped the trail before us. We enjoyed the cool, wooded section and suffered under the intense heat of the racetrack section, where a series of quick climbs and descents left us all reaching for our water. We paused a moment at the top to look out over the course and then took off to catch some air on the whoop-de-doos. We finished out our ride on a nice wooded section and made our way back to the parking lot where we said goodbye and talked about riding again soon at Patapsco.

-Shelley Sanner

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