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Sat, Aug 12 2006 - Kayak in Gunpowder Falls State Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Jen Yauck, Christine Edell, Fred Cascio, Lora Polowczuk, Adam Miller, Kimberly Engle, Jerry Wright, Kenneth Fisher, Sara DiVall, John Meagher, Christie Pysher, Shannon Woods, Kerry Koch, Emily Ford, Wendy Denton, sharon hansen, Justin Yaquiant, Tom Reichelderfer, Colin Babb, Alison Stevens, H. Tran, Lynn Kingsley, Cory Brodzinski, Aimee Morris, Joe Caudill, Rebecca Frankenberger, Jim Polfer, Scott Davis, Lucas Fisher, Kathy Di Pasquale, meg craun, Mark Benson, Sarah Tinney

Write Up:
At 10:30 AM, one by one, some of our 35ish person group began trickling in, down the hill at Gunpowder Falls State Park – Hammerman Area, to meet underneath one of the large tents that Ultimate Watersports had graciously offered our group for the day. Once a majority of the members were checked in, around 11:10 AM, we did a quick round of group introductions and then Hal from Ultimate Watersports briefed the group on what we could and couldn’t do on the River.

Since several of our attendees were brand new to the sport, Hal then offered a 15-minute tutorial by teaching proper paddling techniques, and push off from land, etc. I think the newbies felt much more confident after the quick lesson.

Then, we hit the water, close to 11:45 AM. Most people rented single kayaks, some doubles. All kayaks and paddles were labeled with caution tape for our group, so when we would bring them to land, we would remember which ones we had access to, if we wanted to switch up.

Those that had already hit the water, while we were in “class” had gone to the water trail to the left of the beach. We opted to go to the one on the right. We made it up the water trail as much as we could before the weeds made the path so narrow it was difficult to maneuver the long kayak to turn around.

At around 12:30 PM, we made it back to the tent on land to break for lunch. Lunch for some ran about 45 minutes, as this was our first real opportunity to mingle for the day. With such a large group, it’s quite difficult to meet everybody!

When we got back out on the River, some of us floated around for a bit and took a swim, able to touch the bottom of the River. Others explored the water trails that they hadn’t had the opportunity to see earlier in the day.

The group began to shrink by around 3 PM. Some stayed later, as we had the rentals all the way until 6 PM.

It was a super fun event, and the MOST BEAUTIFUL day of the entire summer. Thank you all for attending!

--Amy Pickwick

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