Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Aug 5 2006 - Moderate Hike in Gunpowder Falls State Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kim Buhrman, Sarah Dannenfelser
Participants:Kim Buhrman, Sarah Dannenfelser, michael thomey, Amy Hatfield, Emilio Ungerfeld, Leo Seung, Tom Reichelderfer, Kimberly McCue, H. Tran, Paul Shaklan, Lynn Kingsley, Beth Feeser, Taihisha Townsend, Evelyn Boatwright, Maria Maranto Dickey, Glenn Peddicord, Sandy Balkit

Write Up:
After a week of scorching 100+ degrees heat, a forecasted high of 90 degrees was a welcome change. Our group gathered in the parking lot of Gunpowder Falls State Park for circle introductions and we started the hike shortly before 10. Near the beginnning of the hike, some members paused partway through the tunnel to admire a very large spider on left wall. It remained motionless during our inspection and the hike continued along. After 4+ miles of walking through the cool, shaded woods, our group arrived at a very large swimming hole. Tom was the 1st brave soul to venture into the water and most of us eventually followed his lead. Although the water was a bit chilling at first, our bodies quickly adapted and we enjoyed the refreshing swim. We relaxed in the sun on the nearby rocks for a bit before drying off and continuing our hike.

This hike is comprised of 2 separate loops and our 1st loop concluded shortly after our swim. Our buddy the spider was in the same position as before in the tunnel. A few members departed at the parking lot after the first loop, but most of us continued onward to complete the 2nd part of the hike with the tempting thought of a tasty lunch and cold drinks to follow the finish of our hike (close to another 5 miles). The 2nd loop follows the River for the 1st mile or so and then continues into the woods. It connects with the river again towards the end and a few of the MOCers decided to take another dip in the water (rumored to be much warmer than our first swim) while the rest of us relaxed and snacked on the rocks. Our hike finished around 2 p.m. and we braved crossing Route 1 to the Timber Creek Tavern for lunch and drinks. It was a beautiful day and a great group of participants. We hope everyone enjoyed the event as much as we did.

-Sarah Dannenfelser

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