Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jul 16 2006 - Easy Hike and Outdoor Brew Experience (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Christine Edell, Fred Cascio
Participants:Fred Cascio, Christine Edell, Maria Maranto Dickey, Tom Reichelderfer, charlotte dunigan, Eric Scansen, Steve Wechsler, Diane Wechsler, Rebecca McKee

Write Up:
We met at the Lost Lake parking area at 2:30pm to find that we had 5 new members who had chosen our experience as their very first MOC event! We also had several people who had never been to Patapsco State Park before! Fred and I are first-time event organizers but we both consider ourselves versed in this particular park - especially this trail. After introductions and a brief wait for any stragglers we headed up the trail toward the swinging bridge. Along the way we learned that one guy had worked for Enron, one guy had worked for Sheppard Pratt, and one girl had recently broken her tailbone! Our small group of ten chatted easily, even the first-timers! We were also able to see the freight train go past which definitely added to the "experience."

After crossing the bridge we took a brief potty break and Fred chatted it up with a local man who was interested in joining a hiking group like ours. After sharing a few hiking pointers - we were back on the (well-shaded) trail - with no real need for all that sunscreen. The rest of the walk to the dam was a wee-bit muddy for pavement but we survived. When we got to the Dam we rested for a minute and enjoyed a few snacks and some chit-chat. We discussed swimming and the temperature of the water but quickly decided that the faster we get back to the cars - the faster we get to drink a brew!

We headed back down the trail this time with a little bit more fervor - only to find one person who had signed up for our hike but had overslept and decided to head down the path trying to catch up with us! He made it to the dam just in time to head back with the group! Along the way we helped a few lost children who had gone swimming and gotten turned around and we waited as our injured member stopped to pick wild raspberries along the trail.

Once back to our cars we followed Fred down Rolling Road and into Historic Ellicott City. We made the final trek up the stairs and onto the rooftop deck overlooking Ellicott City at Cocoa Lane. We cooled down with double-fisted brews and talk of slumber party games. Everyone enjoyed the day, even those from Missouri, New Hampshire and West Virginia! The food was good and the beer was cold which was all that was really important after a hike that was so HOT! :) ...So, now you need to ask yourself, "Am I EXPERIENCED??"

-Christine Fuller

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