Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jun 3 2006 - Overnight Trip & Hike in Shenandoah NP (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Joanne Milne, Alvin Liem
Participants:Alvin Liem, Joanne Milne, Saki Saki, Kathryn Bright, Kate Copanic, Rob, Amy Hatfield, Christina Galli, Kimberly Engle, Tracey Wagner, Sarah Tinney, Leo Seung, Katie Stofer, Chris Rose, Norma Broadwater, Maureen Wingfield, Duruhan Badraslioglu

Write Up:
Alvin and I would like to thank all our campers for a spectacular weekend! It began with a dreary, cold Saturday morning,and some minor confusion at the carpool. But after getting acquainted, we split up into groups and headed off toward Old Rag! When we arrived, the rain had cleared and a beautiful day emerged, as we headed up the mountain with enthusiasm.

As we struggled up the challenging mountain, our large group began to separate into smaller groups of three and four hikers, each. We re-grouped at the first overlook, and again at the summit for lunch and some group photos. At this point, one hiker emerged as the leader, and helped collect the other MOC hikers for the group lunch. This particular hiker demonstrated significant ability to scale tall boulders in a single bound-to the amazement of the others. This same hiker was said to have enough first aid gear to be prepared "for child birth," should it be necessary.

From that point on, we headed down the mountain and back on the long fire road. We sat in the grassy parking lot eating snacks, playing frisby, and telling tales, while other MOC hikers joined us.

In approaching the camp site, we drove south along Sky Line Drive to Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park at sunset. As we arrived and began to set up camp at our 4 reserved, confirmed, paid-for camp sites, we discovered to our dismay that one site was already occupied by another group. After working this out with the rangers, we prepared an incredible dinner of gourmet burgers, and sausages with all the fixings. As we sat and enjoyed the beautiful evening, jokes were told amoung our new found friends over drinks, and good food.

The next morning, we arose (entirely too early) to another fabulous meal and quickly worked together to pack up camp by about 9 am. We visited the Big Meadows Visitor Center and quickly parted ways for the long drive home. Four MOCers remained for a morning hike while others traveled home and stopped several times to see the wild life and overlooks.

All in all, a spectacular weekend! We thank you all for the memories...

-Joanne and Alvin

The continuing story of Kate, Rob, Kim, and Tracy...

On our way back home we took a sight-seeing tour of the SNP going north. We stopped at just about every outlook taking in the sites, taking pictures, and becoming one with the wild life. Kim was determined to get a picture of a bear so Kim and Tracy in the back kept their eyes peeled for bears on each side of the road. All of sudden Kim started yelling for me to stop. It turned out Joanne and Alvin were not far behind us so they stopped and got out, too. We got to see TWO black bears!!! One of them was a little smaller so we think it was probably the baby. Very cute, and pictures will be posted when I get them from Kim.

At another overlook we hit with Joanne and Alvin, we came upon a family of deer. The mother deer kept getting closer and closer to Rob who was taking pictures. Then, it looked the mom and her baby were going to get inside Alvin's car, so Joanne went over to close the door. That mother looked hungry. There was another baby deer hiding in the grass. It got scared away when some of us moved closer.

Once we got out of the SNP, we headed back the way we came and stopped at several wineries to do an impromtu Virginia Wine Tour. We stopped at Gadino, Farfelu, Gray Ghost, and Unicorn. We probably bought more bottles than we can handle, but they're worth it!

-Kate Buck

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