Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jul 22 2006 - 4th Annual Picnic & Anniv. Celebration (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Jackie Putman, Colin Babb, Ian Wright, Glenn Peddicord, Kimberly Engle, Ali Badii, Carrie Graff, John Meagher, Christina Galli, Kate Copanic, Morris Zakaim, michael thomey, charles lewis, Emilio Ungerfeld, Matt Toerper, Adam Miller, Lora Polowczuk, Robert Imperato, renee starkey, stephen pheiffer, Jennifer Gardner, Rob, karl krul, Susan Krul, jenny jarrell, James May, Aimee Morris, Jen A, Krystle Kolbe, Joe Donnelly, Alisha Sweeney, Brian Loughery, Laura Loughery, Stefan Kunkoski, KC Yi, Chuck Hildenbrand, Tracey Wagner, Tom Reichelderfer, Laura Paszkiewicz, John Putman, Cynthia Hildenbrand, doug hanford, Sharon Rogillio, John Ciezki, Jim Polfer, Maria Maranto Dickey, Tony Tontodonato, Ann Smith, Kate Hicks, Tamara Yamour, Christopher Gran, Rani Gran, W. John, Roger Guyett, Michael Liao, Chris Rose, Michael Lee

Write Up:
The MOC 4th Annual Picnic & Anniversary Celebration was so much fun! Picnickers showed up around noon at Downs Park in Pasadena, MD to enjoy catered food from Beefalo Bob’s (Pasadena, MD), the view of the Chesapeake Bay, and mingling with others.

Although it did start off a bit hot and humid, it was pouring and windy by the time we broke down all the stuff at about 4 PM.

The Fernwood Pavilion, that we had reserved for the day, had a view of the Chesapeake Bay out the back and was a short walk to the Fishing Pier and Off-Leash Dog Beach. “Birds of a Feather” optional seating at the tables encouraged newcomers and repeat members to meet and mingle with others that shared similar interests. Chafing dishes kept our food warm through lunch, providing attendees with the options of pit beef, pit ham, pit turkey, pepper turkey, shredded BBQ, mac & cheese, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and pickles. In addition, the MOC provided soft drinks, water, and an assortment of desserts.

At 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30 outDoor Prizes were given out. Over $350 in prizes were given away, including two $25 gift certificates to The Trail House in Frederick, MD and a Camelback M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack and Leki Sierra Photo Light-Weight Trekking Pole from DICK’S Sporting Goods in Columbia, MD. In addition, several MOC-logo’ed products were given away. Thank you to both The Trail House and DICK’S Sporting Goods for their contributions.

After the 1:30 PM outDoor Prize drawings, we played a 15-question, 20-minute Trivia game under the pavilion. (As each attendee arrived, earlier in the event, they had a colored sticker placed on their nametag to designate their random Trivia team. I heard from several participants that it was a great, fun way to meet a few new people or people they didn’t already know). Nine teams of four to five people played. Two teams tied with 14 of the 15 answers right. In the tie-breaker round, one of those two teams got all 5 questions right. As prizes, were granola bars with MOC magnets tied on top.

After Trivia, a few participants headed down to the Fishing Pier or Off-Leash Dog Beach to take advantage of the amenities in the park.

By about 2 PM, the sky was threatening rain. It poured twice before we headed out around 4:30 of which times the rain was coming in sideways to the Pavilion, soaking quite a bit of MOC stuff. At that point, a few people playing bocce in the grass decided to finally give in and call it quits. They were soaked.

Thank you to everyone who came and played an integral part in making the event a success. And, a huge thank you to all who helped plan, prepare, and execute the picnic!

--Your 2006 MOC Officer Group

Amy Pickwick
Carrie Graff
Colin Babb
Ian Wright
Jennifer Adach
John Putman
Kate Buck
Katie Stofer
Laura Paszkiewicz

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