Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 20 2006 - Moonlight Monuments Bike Ride (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer
Participants:Paula Moran, Katie Stofer, Elizabeth Jackson, Catherine Luke, Brett Beitzel, Seth Sobel

Write Up:
The night was both beautiful and a disappointment. The weather was fantastic for this fundraiser for the DC youth hostel, but the riders were way too overzealous for my taste. We started gathering at 8 (gotta get there early to get parking, though many of our MOC members Metro'ed), and got underway somewhat after 9 - "9:07 bike standard time" was the joke.

In addition to the 7 MOC'ers that actually found me, there were probably 90 other riders of all ages. Some had tandem bikes (which seemed a little tough to handle in the crowds of bikes, multiple pedestrians on the monument paths, and stop-and-go of city riding), some had recumbents, some had the smaller additional tandem wheel for the kiddies. Most of them took off at a rather breakneck pace. The MOC didn't even try to stay together; most of us paired off and rode with just one or two others and other random cyclists as the groups ebbed and flowed given traffic lights, etc. I was disappointed that people didn't seem so interested in checking out the surroundings as riding the 15 miles as fast as they could. But Paula and I and sometimes Elizabeth took some time to look around and enjoy the nighttime scenery.

We explained to several motorists what was going on, though some still looked skeptical that people a) rode bikes, b) rode bikes for fun, c) rode bikes for fun on city streets at night. Clearly, these people spend too much time in their SUV's.

Overall, it was quite enjoyable, though definitely dark and a bit chilly, in fact, on the way home. I'd recommend this event to anyone, though definitely don't rush through it! Perhaps we can do this again as an MOC-only event.

-Katie Stofer

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