Maryland Outdoor Club
Tue, Mar 14 2006 - Event Organizer Clinic (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ian Wright
Participants:Ian Wright, John Putman, Christine Larsen, Ruwan Alwis, Tom Reichelderfer, Aimee Morris

Write Up:

When new people arrive at Social Hour, one of the most common questions asked is "Why aren't there more events?". The answer is, of course, that we have as many events as we have people willing to plan at any given time. As a result, we decided to run our first Event Planning Clinic during a social hour in order to get people to learn a bit about how to run these things while we already have a large group event and allowed for people to decide if they wanted to join in during the social hour.

The attendees learned the dos and don'ts of event planning and all seem interested in moving forward with their new found knowledge. Moreover, since we now know that this format works pretty well (combining with social hour) we can look forward to doing more like it in the future.

Thanks again to all who attended!

-Ian Wright

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