Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 25 2006 - 2005 MOC Organizer Thank You Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick

Write Up:
The MOC Officers invited all 2005 MOC Event Organizers to a Thank You party for their work well done keeping the MOC alive and running. Without Organizers there would be no Events and without Events there would be no Club!

With the Olympics on in the background, party attendees partook in the assortment of food and games. We had an Organizer's Awards vote and a trivia game, "Name That Event," where attendees paired up in teams of five to win candy prizes. The team that won Name That Event contained: Matt Toerper, Kelly Thomas, Laura Paszkiewicz, Jason Craver, and Ian Wright.

Organizer Awards went to:

Most Scenic/Fun Hikes: Jeff Schneider (no change from last year's party)
Honorable Mentions: Felipe Hall, Amy Pickwick, Kate Buck, John Fogle, Colin Babb, John Putman

Takes Best Care of Attendees: Ian Wright (change from last year)
Honorable Mentions: Brian Loughery, Chuck Hildenbrand, John Fogle, Joanne Milne, Jesse Allen

Always Follows The Rules: Tie with Brian Loughery/Colin Babb (change from last year)
Honorable Mentions: Jesse Allen, Joanne Milne, Chuck Hildenbrand, Matt Toerper

Favorite Social Events: Amy Pickwick (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Ian Wright, Kate Buck

Favorite Kid-Friendly Events: Kate Buck (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Kelly Thomas, Casey Starshine, Mark Reynolds

Favorite Dog-Friendly Events: Carrie Graff (no change from last year)

Favorite Historical Events: Colin Babb (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Brian Loughery

Best Planned Meals: Jesse Allen (no change from last year)
Honorable Mentions: Matt Toerper

Takes/Collects Best Photos: Amy Pickwick (change from last year)
Honorable Mentions: John Putman, Chris Whalen, Kate Buck

Best Write Ups: Jesse Allen (no change from last year)
Honorable Mentions: Jeff Schneider, Colin Babb, Amy Pickwick, John Putman, Kate Buck

Knack for Worst Directions: Tie with Katie Stofer/Chuck Hildenbrand (change from last year)

Best New Event Idea: Penny Smith (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Kelly Thomas, Amy Pickwick

Most Thorough Pre-Event Details: Jesse Allen (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Chuck Hildenbrand, John Fogle, Penny Smith

Most Fun Group Introductions: John Putman (new award this year)
Honorable Mentions: Jackie Maffei

Worst Latrine Situation on an Event: July Whitewater Rafting & Camping
Honorable Mentions: September Maryland Wine Festival, Ian Wright's Old Apartment (in Frederick) - however it wasn't ever used for an event...

We also had two door prizes, an electronic sudoku game and an electronic 20 questions. And, each attendee left with a Thank You party favor - a king size box of candy.

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