Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Mar 24 2006 - Happy Hour at Piano Bar in Baltimore (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Pam Minter, Rob, Kate Copanic, Ian Wright, Steven Mello, Paul Huang, Kelly Thomas, Keri Brand, Stijn Brand, Aimee Morris, charles lewis, Ricardo Bulala, Stephanie Mgebroff, luther riedel, sam narula, stephen pheiffer, Olivier Steck, Stefan Kunkoski, Christine Turner, Terrick Khan, doug hanford, Adam Miller, Colin Babb, Monica Glatt, Nicholas Cirri, John Ciezki, Young Kim

Write Up:
Since there is no perfect way to take attendance among a crowd of 300 or so people, we opted out of group introductions. In all, the cashier had counted 41 people total in the MOC group. I hope if I didn’t bump into you or you bumped into our group (center stage), that you still had a great time!

All attendees at this event got in with no cover charge, first two drinks were 50 cents each, and half price drinks after that until 8 PM.

During the show, we tipped the pianists so we could shout naughty things during their rendition of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville, the Raven’s fight song, and much more. We also put a funny saying on the white board for $2 – “Maryland Outdoor Club Does It Outdoors.” But, then replaced it for $3 with some of the single guy’s phone numbers in the MOC (that were at the event). As soon as we did that, a girl came running over to program the numbers into her phone. I later talked to her and her friend and they said they tried calling the numbers but no answer (since we were in the loud bar). One of the guys told me after the event that he had received four voice mails! But, the guys thought it would be funny to get back at the girls, so for $4, they replaced the numbers with those of the girls.

By 9 o’clock, the main group went their separate ways. Some grabbed a bite to eat, some went home, some headed for fun on a nearby street.

As always, a good group of fun people.

--Amy Pickwick

P.S. If you did or did not attend this event and the attendance list needs to be altered, please e-mail me or your MOC Historian - so we can make adjustments.

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