Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jan 24 2003 - Games, Grub, and Good Times at Dave & Buster's! (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Mark Zawodny
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Mark Zawodny, Dawn Ibbott, Skip Daly, Emer Daly

Write Up:
What a blast! I think I redeemed myself from the Waldorf hike I helped put together in November with this event that went off without a hitch. A good group of people met up at Dave & Busters around 9:00 PM and chatted over cocktails and appetizers. After we all had a couple drinks, we got our Power Cards ready and headed to the Midway for the 'games' part of the evening.

We played everything, and we all brought our game faces. Jeff took a first place finish over Amy and Dawn in Daytona 500 (quote 'this is a man's game'); Emer beat Skip in basketball free throws; and Amy beat us in Galaxy (even though she spent half the game taking pictures of us playing the game).

There was some fun games we played for tickets as well, like Pop-A-Ball and Horse Racing (Skip and Emer are GOOD at that game). Emily was on a mission, with her 'go-go bitch boots' she was looking for some companionship. The guy that won 17,000 tickets was a potential candidate (picture below). It was all fun.

Thanks to all who participated on this event; we'll definitely have to hold a similar event later in the year at Jillian's (for you Jeff!).

--Mark Zawodny

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