Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 25 2006 - Moderate Hike on AT (Annapolis & Black Rocks) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Brian Loughery
Participants:Brian Loughery, Colin Babb, Kimberly Engle, Tom Reichelderfer, KC Yi, Bryan Fisher, Amy Hatfield, Leo Seung, Jennifer Hansen, Pete Hinz, Maria Maranto Dickey, meghan Goetz, Laura Loughery, Rebecca Firoved, Aaron Firoved, Jason Zach

Write Up:
This was a rather memorable MOC hike. The day started out very cold and everyone stayed huddled in their cars as we waited for the last few people to arrive at the trailhead. Once we all assembled, we made some quick introductions and started up the trail, trying to stay warm.

Before too long the combination of the sun breaking through the clouds and the moderate elevation gain started to heat us up. Windbreakers and gloves were stripped off and placed in backpacks.

After our climb, the trail leveled out and we enjoyed a pleasant walk in the woods to Annapolis Rock, a large outcropping of boulders. Sandwiches and other lunch goodies were broken out (as well as the windbreakers again) as we took in the view. The lake at Greenbrier State Park was especially scenic.

Once lunch concluded, we set off again. Another mile north on the AT brought us to Black Rock, another large outcropping. As we were milling about the boulders, one member of our group misjudged a jump between boulders and fell backward several feet into a crevice, getting banged up on the way down and was knocked unconscious.

Those hikers who saw the fall quickly alerted the rest of the group and we immediately sprang into action to help. Some members climbed down to attend to the fallen hiker, Jackets and packs were used to immobilize, and a call to 911 was immediately placed, as we didnít know the extent of the injuries suffered.

The 911 operator said help would come to us on the trail. Fortunately, by the time we got off the phone, our fallen hiker had regained consciousness and began moving around. First aid kits provided some antiseptic wipes and gauze to treat a few superficial cuts.

It wasnít long before we heard the sirens of rescue vehicles. Of course, they still had to cover 3 miles of trail to reach us. As we were waiting, a Maryland State Police helicopter flew overhead; we learned later that it was being used to spot us on the trail. In short order, two groups of paramedics arrived on scene, one group coming from the north and the other from the south. One set came via ATV, the others, along with a park ranger, arrived in Gators (think off-road golf carts).

The paramedics quickly assessed our injured hiker, and not taking any chances, had them strapped to a backboard for transport off the trail via one of the Gators. After providing the ranger with an account of what happened, the rest of the group set off on foot back to the cars.

After some brief goodbyes, a small group went to the hospital to check on our injured companion. A few hours, a couple of x-rays, and a CAT scan later, our friend was released, having suffered only minors cuts and some very impressive bruises.

I want to thank everyone on the hike for keeping calm and assisting with the rescue effort. And a huge thank you to the paramedics from Boonsboro, MD who treated the injured hiker.

-- Brian Loughery

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