Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Mar 10 2006 - Hiking & Hottubs (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Carrie Graff, Kate Copanic
Participants:Kate Copanic, Rob, Kimberly Engle, Colin Babb, Ian Wright, Jen A, Nicholas Cirri, Amy Hatfield, Leo Seung, Christine Edell, Carrie Graff, John Ciezki, Fred Cascio, Cynthia Hildenbrand, Chuck Hildebrand, doug hanford, Lora Polowczuk, Rani Gran, Chirs Gran, Patrick Haas, Kimberly McCue, stephen pheiffer, Matt Toerper, Tracey Wagner, Amy Pickwick, Dan DeVries, Dominic Perry, Jason Craver, Aimee Morris, Adam Miller, Monica Glatt, Emily Green

Write Up:
Kate, Rob, and Ian arrived on Friday around 1. We got the hottubs ready for action, unloaded, and readied the house. By two o’clock they were enjoying the hottub and some adult beverages. Kate started making references to being transported to the Caribbean. A little later they were joined by Carrie and John. By five, people started tricklin’ in. A group went out to dinner at Uno’s while some stayed behind to barbecue.

Friday night consisted of a lot of group games including Taboo and Jenga. At nine, the everyone grouped up for a house meeting. Amy took a group picture from the den upstairs. We went around with introductions which proved to be amusing. Then Carrie and Kate went over a few group rules. After the meeting, the games continued and some more people ventured out to enjoy the dual hottubs. Four more attendees arrived by 10:30pm.

Saturday morning we started off with a great breakfast cooked by the lovely Carrie. We enjoyed eggs, bacon, bagels, and cereal. The hottubs needed some refilling after Friday nights festivities. After breakfast we divided into 3 groups – horseback riders, hikers, and loafers. The horseback riders were led by Carrie to Western Trails. They enjoyed an hour of riding around the fields. [If you went horseback riding and would like to do a blurb – email it to]

The hikers did the Deep Creek Vista Hike for 4 miles. They saw the old Brant Coal Mine and took some photos. They proceeded to the overlook for some more photos. After the nice hike, they took a caravan out to what they thought was a brewing company. As it turned out, the business changed ownership and was now the Sante Fe Grill. This restaurant was an excellent choice. The food was delish and the service was superb.

After lunch most headed back to the house. A small group ventured to the store to pick up food to barbeque for dinner. After getting back, many took a dip in the hottubs. Kim M., Dan, and Kate took a cold dip in the lake. It hurt!!! They came back up and got in the sauna to defrost. After the good steam, they returned to the hottubs.

Around 6:30, twenty or so people ventured out to Pine Lodge Steakhouse for dinner. A smaller group of about ten people stayed back at the house to barbeque some group. They watched Dodgeball while waiting for the spare ribs to get good and ready. When the other group got back we played “I have never” around the very large dinning room table. The hottubing that night got very entertaining while some stayed in the house playing pool and watching movies.

Sunday morning we had another nice breakfast. The group ditched the hike since at that point it was nasty and raining. Some watched “50 First Dates” while others got in some last hottubing. Afterwards the cleaning process began. The house was left around 2.

If those walls could talk…


P.S. Nougat, Bananas, 15 times!!

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