Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Dec 3 2005 - Frederick Candlelight House Tour (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chuck Hildenbrand
Participants:Chuck Hildenbrand, Jaili Fajardo, Amy Pickwick, Cynthia Hildenbrand, doug hanford, Linda Werner, Tarrah Green, Tara Connelly, Sara Tresselt, Ian Wright, Ali Badii

Write Up:
After days of having the event threatened by sleet and snow, the weather gods took some pity on us and left us with just the cold air. The night started with some food, drink, and conversation at Brewer's Alley. Once the first two parts were satisfied, our merry group headed out for the holiday tour.

On the way to the first house, we came across a gingerbread house on the sidewalk with candles around it. Logically, we decided to make it an unofficial stop on the candlelight house tour. Next we trekked on while trying to avoid the candles in bags lining the sidewalk. This was accomplished with no incident even by the person who proclaimed he was "moderately to heavily buzzed" as we left the restaurant.

Upon arriving at the first stop we were greeted with a queue that would rival the women's bathroom line at a Celine Dion concert. We promptly decided we should try the second house on the tour. Nervousness gave way to smiles once more as there was no line at the second house. In fact, for the rest of the tour, we had little to no lines at any of the other houses.

Each house had its own decoration style and charm that the owners imparted on the old historical places. In fact, the last house we toured was unique indeed. Let's just say the artisan owners we not shy in creating and collecting art and pottery that would ever so slightly hint at themes of human sexuality.

After this rather brow-furrowing experience, it was time to return to our cars to warm up and journey home.

--Chuck Hildenbrand

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