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Sat, Nov 12 2005 - The Awesome 80s Prom (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Joyce Dorsch, Kate Copanic, Stefan Kunkoski, Ian Wright, Martin J. San Juan, Rob

Write Up:
Wow…the Awesome 80s Prom…it’s hard to know where to start…

We showed up at about 7:30 PM at the box office to pick up our tickets, and realized just how much we stood out against the regular comedy-show patrons, as we donned our prom garb straight out of the 80s. We were getting a lot of strange looks. By 7:45, with tickets in hand, we ventured over the other side of the Hippodrome, to find the Prom about to begin! Lots of people dressed up for a night to remember and many smiles as we bid farewell to Wanaget High, as Class of 1989. At the entrance, there were a couple of DeLoreans parked out front, chalk-painted sidewalks, jelly bracelets, etc.

When we first entered the room, the drama teacher reminded us of the importance of voting, showing us the crown and tiara for the prom king and queen. Behind us, in the corner, was the backdrop for prom photos. The prom started off with some audience competitions and karaoke on the stage, but it didn’t take long to be introduced to the prom court. In the meantime, we mingled with many blast-from-the-past characters, and even got a photo or two with some of them. The interactions were just too many to name them all, but I remember being asked to pinky-swear with the Boy George-look-a-like and Stefan was getting evil looks from the principal. Kate and Rob were caught dancing too close. We were supposed to keep 6 inches apart on the dance floor... NOT!

The Awesome 80s Prom is a great, high-energy interactive play/dance party. The DJs played the best music from the 80s, complete with an appearance from Michael Jackson. The cheerleaders put on a skit to “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” there was a dance circle that included an awesome break dancer. And, a few of us got to vote on the prom king & queen, who ended up being Nick Fender and Dickie, the Boy George-look-a-like. We danced underneath the disco ball and sung to the top of our lungs “We’re going to party like its 1989!”

The interactive play lasted for about two of the three hours of the entire dance. The cast concluded with the final scene from Dirty Dancing, including with Dickie being lifted and spun in the air. A few of the actors lip synched songs on the stage at the after the main conclusion. Then, some of the characters made their way back out onto the dance floor in their street clothes to continue to dance with the crowd. The quarterback from the show ended up putting on another “show” on the dance floor at the end of the night, involving a patron of a bachelorette party.

When the Prom was over, around 11 PM, we went across the street from the Hippodrome to Maggie Moore’s. Turns out there was an after party for the Prom upstairs there, but we stayed on the main level at the bar. We saw a few of the cast leaving the place, and talked with a few when they showed up. We let them know how good of a show it was!

All-in-all, a great indoor event for a bunch of outdoors-lovin’ fools. About the only suggestion for improvement we had (which is really minor) was that there should have been more bartenders, as the line for drinks was too long. If you didn’t get a chance to make it with the MOC group, I HIGHLY recommend you catch the show before it leaves town at the end of November.

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--Amy Pickwick

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