Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 10 2003 - Difficult Loop Day Hike in Potomac, MD (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Young Kim, Brian Loughery, Mark Zawodny, Christine Bowles, Dave Bowles, Silke Popp, Michelle Williams, Maria Maranto Dickey

Write Up:
What is up with the weather??? I had already postponed this event once, and I really didn't want to postpone it again - so, we took the chance and the weather ended up being pretty decent after all. It did drizzle a bit as we walked 2.5 miles up to Great Falls on the C & O Canal Towpath, but it was well worth it to get to see the falls. We hung out on the observation deck for nearly an hour - chatting, eating our packed lunches, and observing the view. Just about the same time we got to the observation deck, it stopped raining, and the rocks immediately began to dry out on the river. So, we knew we were good to go for the 'real' part of the hike. I double-checked everyone had hiking boots and that everyone was fine with doing the Billy Goat Trail in possibly slick conditions. The trail ended up being fine; accept for a puddle here and there, it wasn't too wet. Nothing the MOC hikers couldn't handle! We're always up for a challenge and you know I wasn't about to put anyone in danger.

The BGT is known for being very rocky, with ups and downs (rock scrambling), and spectacular views. It was also relatively peaceful - very few other groups were out there. I had the privilege of accidentally petting a slug on a tree, we spotted a snake, and had a lovely view of a 'leaf' design painted on the flat rock surface across the river from us.

Bill, if you happen to be reading this, Young wants you to know you're now on the 'BB' list and he's going to be assuming the organizer role for your upcoming events! Seriously, we are just kidding. It was entirely optional for attendance today because of the uncertain conditions. But, except for the humidity, the weather couldn't have been much better.

Brian - thank you for your awesome photos!

--Amy Pickwick

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