Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 22 2005 - Backpacking in Greenridge State Forest (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Felipe Hall, Emilio Ungerfeld
Participants:Emilio Ungerfeld, Felipe Hall, Mark Reynolds, Chris Bynion, Steven Hanlon

Write Up:
'Twas early on a cold, rainy October morning when the group of six met at the Fredrick park n' ride. All of us, ready for the adventure ahead and eager to hit the trail, were fairly indifferent to the protest that nature had thrown our way. So we piled into two cars and headed toward the trail.

We arrived an hour later, and were quickly on our way. The rain subsided as we went deeper into the forest, to where it became only a light drizzle. Emilio led the way, clad in a hunter orange vest and hat, as hunting season was in full swing. We did come across several hunters on the trail, but thankfully, had no incidents. One even loaned us a second vest, which Steve graciously wore.

We arrived at the shelter much earlier than expected, so we unpacked, ate, and told wild stories as the late afternoon and the evening wore on. With the rain soaking everything, a fire was out of the question, but it really didn't cool off a great deal. Later that night, as the conversation was beginning to die down, the sky opened up, and a clear, starry sky shone through the trees. After a brief period of enjoying the view, we hit the sack.

The next morning we awoke to the sounds of twittering birds, rustling leaves, andůsnoring. The sky, which yesterday was heavy and low, was now clear, and the sun that shone down provided welcome warmth as we ate breakfast. The silence was only interrupted by the sound of a rocket--my stove--which I'm sure aroused any animals that had been sleeping within the immediate vicinity.

After gathering our belongings, we packed up and headed back toward civilization, all the while marveling at how different the forest looked now that we could actually see something with the sun out. On arriving at our cars we gathered for a quick group picture and a warm meal at a local diner.

It was great time. Thanks to all for coming!

--Felipe Hall and Emilio Ungerfeld

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