Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Aug 28 2005 - Difficult Day Hike to Big Schloss (GWNF) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jeff Schneider
Participants:Jeff Schneider, Kim Buhrman, H. Tran, Scott Kramer, Rita Fabian, Lucas Fisher

Write Up:
On a late summer morning, a small group of MOC'ers ventured to Great North Mountain. A few of us had to make a quick stop at the Wal-Mart to get a disposable camera. Fortunately the camera had quite a lot of exposures so this event has quite the visual documentation!

We began the trail right on time and gradually climbed up appx 1600 ft. to Sugar Knob Cabin. Jeff told everyone about the P.A.T.C., since you have to be a member to be able to rent the locked cabin. Then, we continued on to the first unnamed overlook and enjoyed a lunch with a view into West Virginia. There was some heated discussion about the morality of video games and we soon got back on the trail. It was a few more miles to Big Schloss. This is usually a grand overlook that is almost 360 degrees, but we wouldn't know because we got swarmed by a few neighborhoods of bugs and had to get off Big Schloss. The bugs were pretty much non-existent except on Big Schloss.

After taking a quick group picture at a side view near Big Schloss, we started the walk back down to Wolf Gap. It was kind of steep on the way down but our knees held up well. It was then back to the town of Woodstock for the Italian Touch restaurant. The quality of this eatery is rather questionable from the outside, as it is adjacent to a gasoline station. However, we found the portion size, food, and efficent service to be quite impressive. Adam and Sarven opten for the regular size Calzone and Strombolis and it was the most cheese many of us had ever seen. All for under $10!

Thank you for coming out and I hope you had a great time!

--Jeff Schneider

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