Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Sep 25 2005 - Paintball (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Stefan Kunkoski
Participants:chris vance, Leo Seung, joe walsh, frank newmick, jim heally, richard, Ben Wilhite, James Cotugno, joe zelenka, jason, Stefan Kunkoski

Write Up:
Sunday was a cloudy day with the sun getting through every now and then. The temperature was about 80 degrees and it was a little muggy, but not too bad. It was a perfect day to play paintball with some friends. We met at the outfitter and I was very surprised to see how prepared some of these people were. Many of them were wearing camos and other brought there own air guns for the event. You knew the competition level was going to be pretty high especially, with it being all guys as well.

After we got signed in the judges broke us into out teams and took us to our first field. We were seperated on either end of the field, and the judge was standing in the middle and gave us the countdown. Before we knew it we were charging toward each other firing paintballs. The blue team (my team) lost the first and third battle at this field. After this round we went back to the parking lot to get something to drink and reload. The next field we went to the level of competition went way up, the battles took longer, and they were more strategic. The first round was taken away from the blue team, but in the second round the blue team completely wiped out the other team. I had two kill shots in a row, which from what the judge told me is very rare. The third round was fought to a stalemate. After that we went back to get a drink and some more ammo.

The next field we went to was the river bed. This field was very long and narrow. The first round was fought to a stalemate, and in the second round the flag was caught by the blue team and returned to the blue teams side. The last battle we had was fought in the hyperball chamber. This field is enclosed within a net and is very small. There are very very big obstacles on this field and the objective is simple elimination. I got nailed within the first 45 seconds of the match. The blue team got taken out very quickly. After all was said and done it was great day. Everybody had a great time and I am looking forward to doing this again in the spring.

--Stefan Kunkowski

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