Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Aug 28 2005 - K9 Social Hour in Annapolis! (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Carrie Graff
Participants:Carrie Graff, Kimberly Engle, Amy Pickwick, Drew Slack, Karla Elam, Beth Walton, Samantha Watts, Max, Ronda Carman

Write Up:
Despite the threat of rain, it turned out to be a great day for some dog-friendly fun in Annapolis. The day was already starting to become humid and sticky at 10 minutes after 1:00, but that didn’t stop us from entering the large dog fenced-in area where we took 15 minutes or so to toss some balls for our pets and get to know each other. The dogs, however, were visibly hot and not in much mood for running around, so we decided it was time to head to the main event…THE BEACH! While Toby, Samantha’s dog, was a bit nervous around the many other dogs at the beach and hadn’t been around many beaches, he eventually calmed down and seemed to take it all in. Zena and Shadow have played many times at the beach and took off like pros, Shadow continuously retrieving objects that were not hers. All of the dogs got their feet wet and their fur sandy. By the end of our time at beach, the mission had been accomplished…there were five tired dogs.

Some of us decided to take advantage of a lazy afternoon and the dog-friendly restaurants in Annapolis, heading to Sly Fox for some light food and a couple cool drinks. We took over the back patio, and as other patrons walked in with their dogs, our group had decided this was their territory, and in a very protecting way, vocally expressed their displeasure with the new guests. However, this was only temporary and the whole event went off without incident!

As we exited Sly Fox, we decided to take a walk through Annapolis to see the sites, and one by one, all of the dogs relieved themselves on the sidewalk in remarkable succession. Unfortunately, my dog, Shadow, decided to do it in the middle of a crosswalk where someone was trying to turn onto the road…thankfully the guy had a sense of humor as I could see him laughing hysterically at the scene….and what a scene it was….Shadow with her incredible bladder size took about 30 long seconds to finish, but unfortunately she wasn’t done there….I think we counted 5 more lengthy pee breaks before she was emptied. It must have been all that water they were gulping at the beach!

All’s well that ends well, and this definitely was a great day for meeting new people and their dogs, as well as for catching up with others. Thanks to everyone and hope to see you at the next event!!

--Carrie Graff

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