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Sun, Aug 14 2005 - Whitewater Tubing at Harpers Ferry (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer, Joanne Milne
Participants:Katie Stofer, Joanne Milne, Amy Hatfield, Alvin Liem, Colin Babb, Rob, Jaili Fajardo, Marge Noel, Kristine Carder, sharon hansen, Kate Copanic, Aimee Morris, Umbreen Idrees, Tony Rossi, rahim spence, Crystal Scroggins, Daniel Broussard, Jennifer Adams, Leo Seung, Patrick Haas, Lora Polowczuk, Ricardo Bulala, Allison Boland, Shawn Noel, Nicholas Cirri, Patty Gallivan, stephen pheiffer

Write Up:
It started with a gorgeous sunny day and a couple of late-ish organizers arriving at the carpool. (Thanks to everyone who was early for the carpool, as the event change time didn't get translated to the carpool meet time!)

We arrived at Butts' Tubes (now renamed the more politically correct "BTI") at about 10:30 after grabbing sandwiches and, in some cases, adult beverages from the nearby convenience store (you can buy adult BEvERages in gas stations in Virginia, even on Sundays). You could also stock up on cartons of cigarettes, were you so inclined. But I digress....

We found our lost souls, signed our lives away on the waivers, and got ourselves on the buses. After about 5 aborted attempts at turning around the buses so we could reach the dropoff (hey, you try turning around a school bus with a trailer on those narrow back roads of Virginia), we made it around. Our bus chose not to clap for the driver, but the second bus had even more trouble and the driver's heroism warranted a round of applause.

We listened patiently to the park ranger who, I learned, gets to stand at that spot all day every Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer giving the same lecture. I couldn't get him to admit it was low-man-on-the-totem-pole duty. We learned that it is NOT RECOMMENDED to drink on the river, as you could get drunk, fall out of your tube, and drown, which is a bad day for both you and the ranger.

It was hot, and we finally tied up and set off down the river, warning each other of the rare Virginia water ticks.* The big groups mostly decided to untie from each other, since we almost lost a cooler (always tie up to the tube, not the handle of the cooler). There were no food or drink casualties, however, and we continued drifting along, searching for the "rapids."

Most of us managed to make it to a mid-river island to break for some food. A couple started paddling too late and missed us and had to walk back upstream. After a bit, we set off again, and realized the green bridge loomed all too close, so many of us dawdled on the end of the trip. Patty even climbed back up to do the best section of rapids twice.

After doodling around in the shallows, we finally disembarked and started the annoying climb back to wait for the buses. This time, our bus driver told West Virginian jokes: why do West Virginian kids take shoeboxes to the beach?**

We headed off from the outfitter to Brewer's Alley in Frederick for some grub. Thanks everyone for coming, and please feel free to send in your own versions of the trip as well!

*This alludes to the recent whitewater rafting trip. So as not to embarrass said member, you'll just have to know that there was some Lyme disease paranoia. The disease, however, is very serious, so please watch for deer ticks, though there are no water ticks. That we know of, anyway...
**So they can build sand double-wides.

--Katie Stofer

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