Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jul 31 2005 - Mod-Diff. Ride on the Great Seneca Trail (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): lisa catino
Participants:lisa catino, Maria Maranto Dickey, Joanne Milne, Paula Moran, Ryan Michela, Liz Mountz, Chris Eacho, Tim Hirrel, Alvin Liem, Christine Larsen, Robert Kasper, Patti Beahan

Write Up:
Cycling on roads reminiscent of scenes in Little House on the Prairie, our team of (once 12 down to 9) riders had much to fix their eyes on. Wildflowers, grazing horses, fields of corn, sunflowers, and orchards were the backdrop for our cycling adventure. Sadly, Paula and Ryan retired from the farm life before our refreshing half-way stop at a fruit stand where Tim passed around a half-bushel of the sweetest peaches. Surrounded by the modesty of our country's oldest vocation, our cyclists have nothing to be modest about when they speak of having accomplished a beautiful grade-three bike route on a glorious summer sunday! GO GO POWER LEGS!

--Lisa Catino

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