Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jul 10 2005 - Day Trip to Paramount's King's Dominion (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Lindsay Weller, Andrea Denham, victoria sammarco, Matthew Sammarco, Constance Sammarco, Gary Sammarco, Karen Helfrich, Leo Seung, Rebecca Frankenberger, Seth Young, Christopher Gran, Rani Gran, Stefan Kunkoski

Write Up:
We got down to Paramountís Kingís Dominion in Doswell, Virginia at about 10:15 AM after a 1.5 hour drive from our carpool in College Park, MD. We met up with a few more participants at the park, and immediately entered the gates!

First ride to be spotted by a few participants was the Berserker, the upside down pirate ship ride. Those of us with weak stomachs sat that one out.

Then for most of the group, it was onto the old-style wooden rollercoasters (The Grizzly, the Hurler, the backwards Rebel Yell) and Ricochet, a smaller, new coaster with sharp turns. We even hit the Log Flume when we realized that White Water Canyon wasnít opening until noon.

At lunchtime, we attempted to go back to White Water Canyon, but the now present line didnít sit well with us. So, it was time to break for lunch. Many grabbed lunch at the Wayside Grill, while a few went to get their packed lunches.

The group split back up after lunch to continue onto our favorite rides (Tomb Raider Firefall, Volcano). In my group we hit up a couple more rides before the Waterworks Park was just too tempting to resist. (It was an extremely hot day). We stayed there for a few hours, until about 6 PM. A few people started calling it a day and headed out of PKD entirely.

We went on a few more things (Drop Zone Stunt Tower, Tomb Raider Firefall, Flight of Fear), depending on the lines, and then headed out of the park as the sun was setting (probably around 8:30 or so).

Our attempt to get home for a late night pizza dinner went sour when we saw the traffic on I-95. Every time I come home from PKD there is always a ton of traffic! So, we breaked at Waffle House in Dumfries only to hear our waitress moan about her job the entire time. But, we ultimately got the coffee and food we needed to keep on moving.

Back at the carpool drop off at 11:15 PM, and then home to go to sleep we wentÖ

GREAT group of participants! Fun day! Couldnít have asked for more.

--Amy Pickwick
Event Organizer

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