Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jul 22 2005 - Whitewater Rafting & Camping (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Laura Paszkiewicz, Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Jonathan Maravetz, lisa catino, Laura Paszkiewicz, Lindsay Weller, Andrea Denham, Dewey Clark, Mary Clark, Penny Smith, KC Yi, Paul Shaklan, Anne Fuller, Darrell Fuller, Ronit Fix, Sarah Maravetz, Shannon Streeter, Toni Fung, Colin Babb, Jeffrey Krepner, jamie farner, Darcy Crum, Stefan Kunkoski, Ryan Meadows, sharon hansen, Nicholas Cirri, Christine Edell, Brandi Collins, Linda Haynes, Joe Ferner, Derek Rogillio, David Zic, Carrie Graff

Write Up:
Friday kicked off with a pretty smooth journey to Savage River State Forest/Big Run State Park, 22 miles from the most Western edge of Maryland. We checked into the headquarters before heading to the campsite we were assigned: the Youth Group Site in Big Run. After Stefan and I unloaded the bulk of the gear from my car, pitched our tent, and setup a screened dining canopy, we explored the creek directly behind our campsite with Zena and waited around for Joe and Ed to show up, the next expected arrivals. We also went to pick up some firewood at BJ’s country store about a mile down the road.

When Joe and Ed arrived at the site, they pointed out that the first of my directions after getting off I-68 was wrong. When in fact, it was 99% correct. It was Exit 22, it was Chestnut Ridge Road, it was the exit for 219, it was to head South, and for those paying attention to the road signs, it was in the direction of the brown park sign reading “Savage River State Forest” next right. What was incorrect is that 219 only goes North from the exit, whereas Chestnut Ridge Road goes South. Either way, after a slight detour, they made it to the site. But, during their detour, they discovered a small town just north of the Pa. border, called Salisbury that had a nice little restaurant called the Country Chef. After they got to the site, we all ventured there together…and had a delicious dinner for very little expense. During dinner, the guys proceeded to flirt with the too much eye makeup-wearing waitress. It gave me a good chuckle. And, Ed nearly made a couple of old ladies drop for cover when he pounded his fist on the table. We also learned the true story behind Ed’s black eye…it had something to do with Bigfoot.

By sunset, there were six of us at the site. And, thanks to Joe, we had a roaring, warm campfire. Joe questioned the group to see who liked his fire and if anyone got lost coming to the campsite. Needless to say, the Sangria had gotten a hold of Joe, and he wound up in his sleeping bag early. By the end of the night, all 19 expected by Friday evening had made it to the site…with about half getting confused by the directions.

The next morning, breakfast was served. Warm coffee, cold OJ & other juices, bagels with cream cheese, varieties of eggs, bacon, and fruit. During breakfast, some early morning attendees showed up at the site. By 9:45 AM, a large group had formed for Laura’s hike/swim in Rocky Gap State Park, on the East side of Cumberland. They quickly packed up their lunches and then got on their way. They met up with Dewey and Mary right at the trailhead at about 10:30 AM.


After breakfast on Saturday, a group of ambitious campers took off for the 45-minute drive to Rocky Gap State Park for the optional hike up Evitt’s Mountain. At the parking lot, we met up with a couple more MOCers, Dewey and Mary, that planned to join us for the hike on their way to camp. With clear, sunny skies and the perfect temperature, we were all ready for a good climb up the mountain...but not before a quick pit stop at the luxurious restrooms (i.e. restrooms with indoor plumbing)!

The hike itself was 5.6 miles, out and back, with an ascent of about 1200 feet. The trail started with a rocky descent into a canyon and then straight back up to join a fire road that went to the top. It was a pretty steady climb all the way. But no one seemed to mind amidst the conversations.

Along the way, Paul and Joe decided to climb a fire tower that was a couple of hundred feet in the air. I attempted to make the climb as well, but wuss’ed out halfway up. The other two said the view was spectacular from the top and it was well worth the effort. After making it safely back to the ground, we all caught up with the other hikers just past the Mason-Dixon line...yep, we hiked all the way to Pennsylvania! There was a big clearing for a gas pipeline that of

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