Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jun 24 2005 - Weekend Camping in Western Md. (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Kate Copanic, Steven Dieterle, Rob, Jonathan Maravetz, April Richardson, Katry Harris, KC Yi, Joe Ferner, Leo Seung, Nicholas Cirri, Christine Fuller, Sarah Keast

Write Up:
On Friday, many people headed out of work early, to be out to the campsite in Green Ridge State Forest with a few daylight hours to spare. There were a few congested spots on the highways, but many of us made it out to the site from Central Maryland within 2.5 hours.

When we arrived, the site was loaded with hundreds of little bugs swarming around us (not biting, but more annoying than anything), and the sun was still beating down at full force. By 6 PM, tents were being pitched, canopies with screens were assembled, and cars were being unloaded. A few people ventured about 20 minutes out West of the campground to Cumberland for dinner at fast food establishments, and some ice to keep the coolers cool.

By dusk (9 PM), nearly everyone had arrived, so we sat around the campfire learning about one another. We split up into the two canopies when the bugs got bad. But, dragging the chairs covered in bugs into the canopy probably wasn’t the best thing to do - but what were we to do? Nothing, including OFF!, seemed to work.

Back around the campfire, Kate’s version of Truth or Dare revealed things about people that several around the campfire didn’t need to know. But, it was all in the name of fun. Two late arrivals joined us at the campsite during this time. The last to go to bed turned in around 2 AM.

We also had 4 four-legged friends join us on this trip, Zena (belonging to me) a nearly 4 y.o. female shepherd/hound mix, and Munchkin (belonging to Katry) a 10 y.o. male beagle/spaniel mix?, and Ginseng (belonging to Tammy) a 4 y.o. male yellow lab, and Taos (belonging to April) a 4 y.o. male pit bull.

Saturday morning, up bright and early at 6 AM! Well, the line was long for the port-a-john, so I figured it was time to start cooking the warm food. We had eggs, bacon, bagels, fruit, o.j., and much needed coffee. During breakfast, many mentioned the "car alarm" bird to one another, as having kept them up all night.

Just after breakfast, a group of 8 people decided to hike the “Hike From Hell” (see 2003 Write Up), a.k.a. a Fifteenmile Creek circuit-hike. Keep in mind, the temperature Saturday was in the 90’s, and feeling even warmer. Instead of driving and starting at the trailhead, they thought to hike to the trail, which they ultimately never found (probably a good thing) and ended up hiking about 8 miles or so on the park roads. From what I heard, it was very scenic.

A few others found their favorite outdoor sports keeping them busy. Rob biked about 4 or 5 miles of a mountain biking trail just up the road from our campsite. April (and Taos) and Angela went for a long kayak excursion on the slow-going Potomac River, that took up much of the day. I ventured over to the pond next to the campsite with Zena, but didn’t stay long because of the bugs/bees.

With a few of us milling about the campsite in the sweltering sun, because we hadn’t opted to expend much energy in the heat, we prepped the veggies for that night’s dinner.

Around 1 PM, we got out the lunch food. And, just about that time, a few more people had returned – from drives and/or the hike.

After lunch, the group (minus the two absent kayakers) ventured down to the C&O Canal NHP near the Fifteenmile Creek Aqueduct (between locks 57 and 58), with dogs in tow. We received the tip from another park visitor at the GRSF Headquarters. Many of us stayed about 1.5 hours playing in the River. The humans and the dogs had a blast and finally had a chance to cool down.

The ever-present park rangers stopped part of the MOC group for bringing libations into the park. They were forced to dump them out, then hassled about the contents of their cars – which we thought was a little odd. KC also later struck up a conversation with another ranger, while others were frolicking in

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