Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jun 4 2005 - Day Trip to Historic Philadelphia (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Alisa Sirianni, Colin Babb
Participants:Colin Babb, Alisa Sirianni, Leo Seung, Kelly Thomas, Katry Harris, Glenn Peddicord, Ian Preuss, Gwen Savage, Jason Craver

Write Up:
It was a warm day that promised some rain, but it was a generally uneventful ride up to Philly from Baltimore. We all parked in the underground garage at the massive central visitors’ center in the heart of the old downtown. Our first stops were on Chestnut Street, which heads down to the Delaware River. We stopped in at Carpenters Hall, where the very first Congress convened in 1774 (we all wondered at the incredibly small size of the meeting hall…hard to imagine congressmen—and all the hot air—taking up so little space). Then we stopped at the site of Benjamin Franklin’s home, which had a large subterranean museum dedicated to it (that seemed like it needed to get a little refurbishing itself). Several MOCers paused to get their pictures taken with what looked like Thomas Jefferson (guess he had made a special trip up from Monticello?).

We all headed back to the Independence Hall area in time for our scheduled tour of the Liberty Bell and the hall itself. After a quick pass by the bell, we went inside the hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where the Constitution was drafted. Afterward, we headed down to South Street for some authentic cheesesteaks at Jim’s (on the recommendation of Alisa, who grew up in Philly). The daring ones got them they way they should be—with cheese wiz, not cheese slices. People were lined up around the corner to get in to have a nice hot bun filled with meat, cheese…and grease. It was lovely.

After this, we decided intuitively that walking a long distance was probably the best next move, so we heading diagonally across the center of the city, past city hall, and up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here we couldn’t resist running up the massive stone staircase leading to the entrance of the museum—a location made famous in the movie Rocky—and doing our very best Italian Stallion impersonation. On our way back, we snagged some ice cream treats (because we must have expended all the cheesesteak calories on the way up there) and then returned to the visitors’ center. All in all it was a nice day, and a pleasant way to catch some of Philly’s scenic sites.

--Colin Babb and Alisa Sirianni

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