Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, May 6 2005 - Fell's Point Art Loop (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): John Putman, Pamela Silberman
Participants:Pamela Silberman, John Putman, Mark Reynolds, Jackie Putman, Kelly Thomas, Kristina Kavaliunas, Bridget Rohrbough, Claire Winchester, Katie Stofer, Vincent Huang, Walt Meyer, Katry Harris

Write Up:
MOC members are a resourceful lot. Despite the absence of the event organizer, the group not only managed to find one another but had finished two galleries by the time the delinquent organizer showed up. Many thanks go to Jackie for serving as proxy organizer. Thanks also to the magic of cell phones. Can you hear me now?

After finally arriving on the scene about an hour late (thanks, boss), I was pleased to find everyone already enjoying themselves and appreciating art in an intimate (read: messy) gallery that appeared also to be the artist's home. Well, at least his home away from home.

The next gallery, FinArt on Wolfe Street, was the group's favorite. Full of all kinds of styles and media, FinArt is a large format showcase of mostly local artists. The gallery's collection contained steel sculptures, huge oil canvases, drawings, and photographs. You name it, they had it. They even had a pointy metal couch. Well, I mean it did have a seating area with a purple vinyl cushion. It wasn't completely pointy and metal.

The scariest "gallery" was none other than Saints and Sinners Ink. At the west end of Fells Point, this body art studio, which is a fancy way of saying "tattoo parlor," had an interesting collection of prints and painted art. Unlike the other galleries, the artists were not actually at the store. The owner was there and, I must say, he looked rather like a pincushion. There was even a guy in there getting yet one more tattoo etched into his already colorful skin. Ouch.

After collecting ourselves, both literally and figuratively, we walked up Broadway to Aliceanna Street to visit the MOC's own Pam Silberman and her work at the Wydeye Café. Impressive stuff. As with the other galleries, Wydeye was well stocked in the wine, cheese and cracker department. While visiting the Wydeye, the group as well as some interlopers discussed the proper way to pronounce Baltimore, Maryland (Bawl'mer, Merlin) and Colorado (Call-a-rada).

Eventually we made our way to Kooper's tavern on Thames Street for food and drink. It was there we figured out the reasoning behind a little boy covering his toy fire engine with diaper cream (it stops the burning, obviously). As one can tell, the conversation ran a gamut of topics.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. As always, it was a pleasure to see familiar faces as well as some new ones. Look for an ArtScape trip in the future.

To those who took pictures, please forward them on to either the MOC Historian or myself. Thanks.

--John Putman

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