Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Apr 16 2005 - Tree Planting in Annapolis (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jesse Allen
Participants:Jesse Allen, Lauren Silberman, Kelly Jackson

Write Up:
Our turnout for this event was quite small. With a number of last minute cancellations, there was just the three of us (myself, Lauren Silberman, and new member Kelly Jackson) from the Maryland Outdoor Club. However, more than 20 midshipmen from the Naval Academy came as "pre- attendees" who showed up fully an hour early and started on hole digging for new trees. By the time of the official event start, there was a field of holes for new native trees, and other volunteers, including Cub Scouts, school groups, and some families.

Most of our work involved putting in some of the several hundred native sapling trees into an open patch on Greenbury Point. The land formerly belonged to the U.S. Navy and was the location of giant antennae used for very low frequency (VLF) radio broadcasts to communicate with submarines throughout the North Atlantic. Technological innovations and improvements have made the Navy facility obsolete, so the land has been turned into state parkland. Our host organization, Tree-Mendous, arranged to have some of the land cleared to replace invasive plants with native species. As well as willow oaks and sassafras native to the area, we planted a streetside row of blackberries to provide food and habitat for birds (and presumably, hikers). Tree-Mendous also provided mysterious devices called "weed wrenches" that proved to be powerful tools in the hands of the mighty and the whimpy alike for tearing out unwanted plants. This author took out quite a patch of the invasive Russian Olive (no doubt planted by KGB spies to listen in on the radio conversations?).

After several hours of hard tree planting, or in my case, unplanting, we headed out to Cantlers for a pleasant lunch together and to talk and introduce ourselves a little better than we had been able over shovels and wrenches. Our grilling of the waitress demonstrated that not a single one of us was "from around here," but our waitress was kind in describing such alien food as hush puppies, lump crab, and soft shell crabs.

--Jesse Allen

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