Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Apr 17 2005 - Mod. - Diff. Day Hike in GWNF (Halfmoon Mtn.) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chris Whalen
Participants:Chris Whalen, Jeff Schneider, Laura Paszkiewicz, Kevin McCarthy, Shana Yudowitch, Lucas Fisher

Write Up:
I would like to thank everybody who came out for this hike. It was a good group of people and there were two Lauras! We left the carpool in two vehicles, the dinners and the anti-dinners. We arrived at the trailhead safely and I attempted to start the conversation by asking people to mention a new food they tried recently. It was a little bit muddy but the trails were nice. We hiked around the base of Halfmoon Mountain for a couple of miles. We took a turn and went up to the ridgeline. On the way up it was getting hot, so I pulled off my basketball tear-away pants as I was hiking. Lucas, who was behind me, said I needed to practice. We passed a couple of backpackers on the way up to the lookout on top. There was a ruin of some kind of builiding and we found a good overlook. We ate our lunches, enjoyed the view of the valley, and some people took naps in the sunshine. A couple of us decided to explore and look at the other views. The hike back down was a little bit tougher because of the numerous stream crossings. Jeff loved the stream crossings and crossed them all valiantly! We got to the parking lot in one piece. Then the dinner people went their way and the anti-dinner car went back to Vienna Metro.

--Chris Whalen

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