Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 26 2005 - MOC Organizer Thank You Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick

Write Up:
The MOC Officers invited all 2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002 past Event Organizers to a Thank You party for their work well done keeping the MOC alive and running. Without Organizers there would be no Events and without Events there would be no Club!

We carried out a Name That Event game in which simple prizes were given out, and an Organizer's Awards vote, and a Grand Prize game.

Name That Event was divided into two teams with the team opposing the one that included 3 key event players (Brian Loughery, Colin Babb, and Amy Pickwick) being the one that took home the grand Bazooka Bubble Gum & Charms Blow Pop Prize. Okay, okay, who says the Officers know everything…?

Organizer Awards (gag gifts) went to:

Most Scenic/Fun Hikes: Jeff Schneider
Award: PowerBar
Honorable Mentions: Jesse Allen, Mike Eppert, Brian Loughery, Carrie Graff, Amy Pickwick, Joanne Milne

Takes Best Care of Attendees: Jesse Allen
Award: Pack of Band-Aids
Honorable Mentions: Joanne Milne, Amy Pickwick, Colin Babb, Brian Loughery, Jeff Schneider, Carrie Graff

Organizer Police: Jesse Allen, Jeff Schneider, Amy Pickwick, Brian Loughery
Award: Sheriff’s Badges
Honorable Mentions: Joanne Milne, Jason Craver, Colin Babb, Marty M., Katie Stofer, Kate Buck, Gina Vachino

Best Dog-Friendly Events: Carrie Graff
Award: Scooby Doo Candy
Honorable Mentions: Jesse Allen, Amy Pickwick, Jeff Schneider

Best Planned Meals: Jesse Allen
Award: Lil’ Entree
Honorable Mentions:Amy Pickwick, Colin Babb

Takes/Collects Best Photos: Jesse Allen
Award: Photo Clip
Honorable Mentions: Colin Babb, KC Yi, Amy Pickwick, Kate Buck, Jeff Schneider

Best Write Ups: Jesse Allen
Award: Notes to Go (Magnetic Doodle Keychain)
Honorable Mentions: Colin Babb, John Putman, Shelley Sanner, KC Yi, Steve Ehrman, Amy Pickwick, Chris Whalen

Most Royally F---ed Up Directions: Tie: Katie Stofer, Shelley Sanner, Lonnie Goad
Award: Area Map (Presented to Katie)
Honorable Mentions: Jeff Schneider, KC Yi, Chris Whalen

Worst Latrine Situation on an Event: Tie: Wilderness Survival Weekend (Fall ’04), Yuengling (Summer ’04)
Award: T.P. To Go (Presented to Emilio Ungerfeld for Wilderness Survival Wknd)
Honorable Mentions: Whitewater Rafting (Summer ’03), Whitewater Tubing (Ewww)!, Ski/Blackburn (Feb. ’05)

Best Campfire Story: Tie: Alvin Liem, Carrie Graff
Award: Marshmallows (Presented to Carrie)
Honorable Mentions: Jeff Schneider, Chih Lin, Lonnie Goad, Young Kim, Vincent Tsao, KC Yi

The Grand Prize game winner was Carrie Graff, and she’s already planning on bringing her Digital CatchPhrase game to Hiking & Hottubs ’05 as Co-Organizer.

Food and soda was aplenty. All attendees got to take home a Thank You party favor of a MOC Fridge Calendar Magnet and a MOC Sticker.

Were you a past Organizer and missed the party, but would still like your party favor? E-mail Amy, if so.

Have some photos from this event that you'd like to share in our photo album? Please forward them to Amy Lipsius at Please note that we prefer to receive the photos in approximately 640x480 or 750x500 pixels - do NOT send original high-res photos. If you have a LOT of photos, please submit up to twenty of your favorites (only) for a day event, or up to forty of your favourites for a multi-day event. Thank you.