Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Mar 27 2005 - Difficult Day Hike in GWNF (White Rocks) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chris Whalen
Participants:Chris Whalen, Emilio Ungerfeld, Shana Yudowitch, Jesse Allen, Christine Larsen

Write Up:
I would like to thank everybody who came out. This was a great group of people. We joked around a lot and had a fun time hiking. Since it was Easter, we naturally discussed religion and other "taboo" subjects.

We found out that Christine is a dedicated MOCer. Just before she got to the carpool, she realized her boots weren't with her. She dropped Emilio off and returned to Columbia and met us at the trailhead. Unfortunately, George Washington National Forest had a gate up so we couldn't get to the parking lot I was expecting to start from. Our theory was that it was closed due to Easter, the real cause turned out to be road deterioration. I altered the path of the hike so the distance would be the same. We hiked up to the ridgeline of Little Sluice Mountain. We saw some water that was pooling in a rut and discovered that a frog was laying eggs. There were several "balls" of them. We proceeded to White Rocks. From the overlook all we could see was white/gray. It was so foggy we could see maybe 10 feet away. We ate our lunch, Shana dropped some of hers on the rocks, everybody made fun of my cereal and seaweed, and Christine left her apple core for the critters to eat.

On the way back, we heard some weird noises. We discovered a little pond, but as soon as we got close enough the frogs became silent. On the way back, Christine exhibited her rock hunting skills. Emilio protected us from the gaggle of poop. His best "rescue" was when he blew his whistle and used his trekking poles in the form of an "x" to steer us away from the excrement. Emilio was excellent at seeing these "presents" and pointing them out before we stepped on them. I felt safer knowing he was with us. When we got back to the pull off/parking lot, Emilio and I helped push Jesse's car out of the mud. We went to a local restaurant but they were closed. I guess they don't serve Pagans on Easter Sunday. So, Jesse recommended a good Mexican restaurant in Front Royal and we ate there after circumnavigating an accident on I-81.

--Chris Whalen

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