Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Apr 9 2005 - Gettysburg Battlefield Hike (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Colin Babb
Participants:Colin Babb, Brett Twiggs, Ian Preuss, Seth Young, Sean Riggs, Jen A, Dave Longtin, John Fogle, Andrew Singleton, Glenn Peddicord, jim irwin, Erin Lasley, Kristina Kavaliunas

Write Up:
It was another fine beautiful day with no clouds in the sky, perfect weather for a nice hike outside. We gathered in front of the visitor’s center at the battlefield, and after waiting for one final hiker to arrive, we set off for the Maryland monument first to do introductions and share which person or event in history we would most like to meet or witness. (The suggestion to revisit and prevent the Kennedy assassination certainly was the most interventionist.)

We then ventured out to the central part of the battlefield, where we observed a firing demonstration by a small group of reenactors in Union uniforms who showed us and a group of other passersby how to load and fire a Civil War-era rifled musket. The stairs to the top of the Pennsylvania monument (the largest monument in the park) were closed, so we headed up to Little Round Top, where we took a break for lunch. Afterward, we headed by Devil’s Den and then through the “Wheatfield” and by the “Peach Orchard” (not just “a,” but “the”). We tried to go up the observation tower in the southwest corner of the park, but another group was getting spirited lecture at the top of the tower. We continued on and headed for the Robert E. Lee monument, where we trudged out into the field and headed back to our starting point as if we were Generals Pickett and Pettigrew during their famous charge.

After getting sufficiently sunburned as punishment for probably talking too much about old dry history stuff and not walking fast enough, I led the group downtown to the Lincoln Diner, where we adjourned for a fine dessert, selecting from the establishment’s excellent selection of pies and cakes.

--Colin Babb

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