Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Mar 26 2005 - Bike Trip to the Inner Harbor (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer, John Putman
Participants:John Putman, Katie Stofer, Jackie Putman, Kimberly McCue, Heather Simons, Matt Toerper, Ryan Meadows, KC Yi, Patrick Haas, Lucas Fisher, Kate Scherr

Write Up:
Our inner city adventure started with a cloudy morning. Twelve brave souls chanced the weather and were rewarded, ultimately, with a rain-free morning. After introductions and some last-minute tweaking to our rides, we were off into the mist. Our pace was leisurely as we meandered through the twists and turns of the Gwynns Falls Trail toward the Inner Harbor. We took plenty of breaks, to catch our breath, to rest our legs, and to take some pictures. Despite the urban location, there was certainly some fine natural scenery. Not the usual trail, not the usual ride. At one point, some local kids, fascinated by a bunch of helmeted riders rolling through their neighborhood, asked if we were contestants on Elimidate!

As we neared the Inner Harbor and entered the downtown area, the scenery changed and our path became trickier. There were many street crossings and railroad crossings. The green of the trail passed into the grey concrete of warehouses and factories and the red brick of row houses. We passed through urban decay as well as urban renewal. We rested again at the top of Federal Hill before rolling onto the promenade of the Inner Harbor.

Once at the Inner Harbor, we locked up our bikes and headed in the Light Street Pavilion for lunch.

After seeing the unruly crowds in the food court, we decided sitting together in an actual restaurant would be a much better idea. After Capital City Brewery was unable to help us, we headed to Hooters. To our surprise, it was closed for renovations. I mean, how can you possibly improve on Hooters? At any rate, we settled on J. Paul's. Decent place.

The return trip to Leakin Park was quieter and passed much more quickly. The riders spread out a little and picked up the pace. The route was also a little shorter and we only took a couple of breaks.

Overall, the trip went quite well, I think. I certainly hope everyone enjoyed themselves and this jewel of a trail.

--John Putman

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