Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Mar 12 2005 - Moderate-Difficult Hike on the AT (Weverton Cliffs) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Brian Loughery
Participants:Brian Loughery, Kim Buhrman, Paul Shaklan, Rob, Allison Ehrman, John Hughes, Simone Moore, Karl Davis, H. Tran, Joanne Milne, Alvin Liem, Joseph Simonetta, Caroline Hazard, Katie Stofer, Herb Volker, Emilio Ungerfeld, Paula Moran, Ryan Michela, Young Kim, Eric Austraw, Galen Wilkerson, Kimberly McCue, michael thomey, alan scott

Write Up:
It was a sunny, but rather chilly, morning as our large group of MOC’ers gathered in the parking lot of Gathland State Park. Gathland is located just up the road from Burkittsville, MD (of Blair Witch fame). However, neither the cold nor the witch seemed to keep people away, as the parking lot was pretty bustling at 9 in the morning. Several groups of backpackers and other hikers were out, though fortunately most of them were headed north on the Appalachian Trail, instead of south toward Weverton.

The main group started along the trail at a pretty good pace. We reconvened about 2 miles in at Brownsville Gap, where the group rested and we waited for a few latecomers to catch up. There was still some snow on the trail, but not nearly as much as I had feared. We soon got moving again, along some gentle ups and downs in the trail. We soon were passing multiple groups of backpackers (mostly Boy Scouts).

After a short snack break at the Ed Garvey shelter, we continued along the muddy trail. Within an hour we were overlooking the Potomac River at Weverton Cliffs. The view at Weverton has been called one the most spectacular along the AT; there was debate about that claim from some in our group who had through-hiked the entire trail. However, we eventually agreed that it was a nice view and probably the best along the trail in Maryland, at least.

Lunchtime entertainment was provided by a group of teenage hikers at the overlook who had quite of bit of trouble preparing their lunch. We were treated to 2 foot high flames shooting from their camp stove. Once they managed to get the fire under control, they kept knocking over their pots of water. I’m not sure if they ever managed to boil anything.

A bag of mint Hershey’s kisses made the rounds just as a few snow flurries started to fall. We packed up and started quickly back to the cars. About halfway back it actually began to snow, but only a few minutes. Everyone made it safely back to the cars and most of us headed over to Brewer’s Alley in Frederick for some well deserved hot food and cold beer.

Thanks to everyone for coming out!

-- Brian Loughery

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