Maryland Outdoor Club
Thu, Mar 17 2005 - Howl Gone Wild Thursday (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kate Copanic
Participants:Kate Copanic, Steve Ehrman, Rob, Martin J. San Juan, Ian Wright

Write Up:
Despite the small turnout (which I assume was due to St. Patty's Day festivities), the sixth of us had a blast at Howl at the Moon. We got to see some nut cases boogy down and throw money around like they're hot stuff. I swear this dude was rich and wanted to get with all the women around him. Some of what we saw was a little too much for our virgin eyes. While we couldn't complete against their unfortunate country requests with our modest $s, we did request several songs that we got to hear. My favorite is the rap version of Green Eggs and Ham. I've just never seen anything quite like it anywhere else. We ladies managed to get onto the stage for a few songs. What can we say...we like big butts and we cannot lie :). The night was a riot. To any of you who have never been there before, you've got to try it once--you won't regret it!

--Kate Buck

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