Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Apr 22 2005 - Western Md. Waterfalls Weekend (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Steve Ehrman, Joanne Milne
Participants:Steve Ehrman, Joanne Milne, Allison Ehrman, Ian Wright, Leo Seung, Jonathan Maravetz, Alvin Liem, Katie Stofer, Sean Riggs, Charlotte Youngblood

Write Up:
The 2005 Western Maryland Waterfalls Weekend began amid threats of bad weather, but luckily each of the twelve participants thought the three hour trek through fog and rain was well worth it. Our main objectives—hiking, discovering "organic architecture," seeing waterfalls, getting some hot tub time, and having a little bit of fun in between—were met.

As people arrived at the house Friday evening they found snacks, games, and two cheery organizers awaiting them. We gave one of the participants a poker lesson (which consisted, mostly, of singing the lyrics to "The Gambler"), played a few board games, and watched "Twisted." Before long the hot tub’s capacity was fully tested, as it would be again the next night. There we learned that grapes in a bowl do float--we have evidence (see the photos.) It was also from the hot tub that several of us made (over the course of both nights) five "Deep Creek Dashes," which consisted of sprinting from the hot tub (set at a brisk 104 degrees) through the backyard before jumping into the lake. Somebody forgot to warm up the lake, as it was only about 45 degrees.

The next day everyone (except Alvin) was up early for a breakfast of cheesy eggs, bacon, bagels, cereal, and fruit. Special thanks to Leo for his coffee machine know-how, and to Allison for all her one-handed egg cracking. After we all packed a lunch, we piled into a few cars and drove north to Ohiopyle, PA, where Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater awaited.

When we arrived it looked like the rain was clearing for a while, so we decided to postpone our tour of the house until after our hike. However, as we were getting ready to start our hike it began raining, so we went back to Fallingwater to take the tour. We had a very nice and knowledgeable guide. He answered our questions and taught us about cantilever design, indirect lighting, open corners, the scientifically proven optimal height for a toilet, and told us of his desire to sunbathe in the nude.

After the tour we headed to Ohiopyle State Park, ate our lunches, and followed a pedestrian bridge across the Youghiogheny [yaw-ki-gay-nee] River to start our hike. We followed the river for a while, coming on the beautiful Ohiopyle Falls quite by accident. We continued to hike on the trails until we came back to the pedestrian bridge, where this organizer kissed the ground and thanked heaven that he was not the first person to lose an entire group of participants in the woods.

We returned to the house, played Trivial Pursuit, and grilled up burgers and dogs. It started to snow around then, but that didn't keep us out of the hot tub. MOCers rotated in and out of the hot tub for the rest of the night, made more "Deep Creek Dashes," and watched "Shaun of the Dead" and "Along Came Polly."

The next morning, twelve zombies came to the kitchen to eat more cheesy eggs and bacon. Then we cleaned the house, packed up, and packed another sandwich lunch. Everyone was very helpful in getting the house cleaned up; it made things go very smoothly. Charlotte, who was at her first MOC event, even took out the trash.

So by 11:30 we were out the door and on our way to the Swallow Falls hike. It was here that we first saw Captain Bringdown (identity to remain anonymous), wearing her bright blue cloak of negativity, ready to crush any good times with a well-placed dose of down. She accompanied the rest of us starry-eyed hikers through the beautiful, lightly snow-covered trails that led to Muddy Creek Falls, which everyone tells me are the tallest in Maryland. At the top of the falls we stopped for a group photo (thanks to Jonathan, who stayed below to take our picture) before heading back. We took a short detour on a side trail, and on the way back we had an impromptu snowball fight on the Bridge of Death That Leads to Nowhere.

Captain Bringd--er,

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