Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Apr 17 2005 - Paintball (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Stefan Kunkoski
Participants:Stefan Kunkoski, Paul Shaklan, Wendy Denton, chris vance, greg marsh, joe zelenka, Kevin OConnor

Write Up:
It was beautiful Sunday. The weather was just perfect. The temperature was a mild 80 degrees, with a cool breeze and no humidity at all. Just a perfect day to play paintball with a few MOCers.

We arrived at Outdoor Adventure (OA) around 10:30 am. We went through the introductions and then checked in. The staff at OA was the best. They were polite, and prepared. After we got checked in, received our equipment, and listened to our instructions (basically a game of capture the flag), we were combined with another group and divided into teams. It was the MOCers versus the blue band group.

The official took us to a field and put us on opposite sides. We had a few minutes to form a strategy and place people. The official then gave us a five-second countdown, and before we knew it he was yelling, "GO! GO!, GO!" Both teams rushed to the middle and started to fire away. The MOCers started to eliminate the other team. After about 10 minutes the MOCers had captured the flag and returned it to our side. The next two games that followed ended in draws. After the three matches we headed back to camp for some R&R and ammo.

Right before we headed out for the second round, we discovered the group we joined was going to be doing their own thing. The official said he would break us up into teams and would play each other. The two teams were MOC and MOC pink. Our competition started on a new field, but it was still the same game. We had time to form strategies, and then it was play time. The first match was won by MOC pink. The last two matches were also won by MOC pink, but no players were lost. After the three matches we headed back to camp to refuel and reload.

The final round of matches was played on a different field. MOC pink again took field of battle and came away with a clean sweep of the MOC.

After the matches were over MOC pink went 6 for 6 and 3 were won without losing any players. It was a day of running around, crawling on the ground, and trying to take out the other team.

We look forward to playing paintball again and hope that more MOC people come out to play next time.

--Stefan Kunkoski

P.S. Photos coming soon.

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