Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Mar 13 2005 - Mod.-Diff. Day Hike (Tibbet Knob/Big Schloss) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chris Whalen
Participants:Chris Whalen, Paul Shaklan, Mustafa Karakus, Leo Seung, John Putman, Rita Fabian, Jared Dant

Write Up:
I would like to thank everybody who came out on this hike. It was quite an exciting trip. Some interesting things happened before we left the carpool. Emilio showed up, and while we were talking he got a phone call. He had to leave to do a search & rescue operation. As he headed toward the Metro station, we were expecting him to shed his hiking gear for a superhero outfit and fly off to save the day. We were disappointed when that didn't happen. Jared, who has an impeccable attendance record, was stood up for a friend and went to the wrong parking lot. Luckily, I saw his red vehicle and waved him over to us and it gave Rita enough time to make it as well.

From the parking lot at Big Schloss Recreational Area, we headed to Tibbet Knob. We had to hike on white stuff called snow. Jared had to change shoes due to a pre-existing blister on his heel. He was man enough to finish the hike in sneakers. Leo had some back problems but was able to get to the top of Tibbet Knob. Paul helped him with some blue pills, which I mistakenly assumed were Viagra, but I found out it was Aleve. We enjoyed the view and saw Big Schloss in the distance. We returned to the parking lot for lunch at the picnic tables. We waved to some mountain bikers. As we were heading to Big Schloss, we noticed bike tracks. We were envious that the bikers went up 700 feet while we were huffing and puffing. The amazing part was that they had to go through some snow to get there. We spent some time hanging out on top of Big Schloss, as we enjoyed the views from there. Everybody returned safe and sound.

--Chris Whalen

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