Maryland Outdoor Club
Tue, Dec 14 2004 - 3rd Annual Holiday Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Katie Stofer, Colin Babb, Jesse Allen, Joanne Milne, Jeff Schneider, Preethi McCall, Brian Loughery, Kate Copanic, Allison Ehrman, KC Yi, Ian Wright, Katry Harris, Lora Polowczuk, Rebecca Frankenberger, Greg Thomas, Kevin Carr, Ronit Fix, Patrick Haas, Alvin Liem, Annette Schiavone, Shelley Sanner, Laura Paszkiewicz, Kate Scherr, frederick king, Debbie Haggart, Michael Eppert, Ted Nugent, Linda Werner, Kevin McCarthy, Pal Braten, Rob, Robert Petty, Angela Grillo, stephen pheiffer, Vladimir Konstantinov, barbara sanchez, Leo Seung, carol placek, Kimberly McCue, Emilio Ungerfeld, Anders Lofstrand, Adam Miller, Joanne Crecco-Davis, Carla Cole, Thomas Edwards, Jeff La Noue, kendra Behram, Stefan Kunkoski, Jason Craver, Ronn Levine, John Putman, David Hurwitz, Greg Smith, Dave Longtin, Amanda Miller, Lisa Hansen, Lee Miles, Francine Westcott, Mike Mitchell, Jackie Putman, Keira Wickliffe, Aimee Paquette, Kevin Kulzer, Carrie Graff

Write Up:
As another year draws to a close, it's time to look back at the MOC's accomplishments and celebrate the holidays with one another. In 2004, we gained over 1,000 members, 4 new officers, and had many, many cool events organized by our dedicated members (see full 2004 archive).

Our 3rd Annual Holiday Party had 70 people, as opposed to 37 the year before, or 5 the year before that!!! Like last year, our theme at our Holiday Party was helping those in need. While the MOC picked up the tab for much of the food, we encouraged our members to spend those few dollars we were saving them on a new toy for a family in need or to contribute cash to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation or BVU's Volunteer Central.

We raised $155 for the CBF, $135 for BVU's Volunteer Central and over $850 (in approximated value) in toys and cash for two families pinpointed by the Salvation Army of Howard County.

The cash raised for the family ($430) is going towards the purchase of additional gifts (to even out the gifts among the kids and moms) and also a $100 gift certificate to Giant food store for EACH family. A special thank you to one very, very, very special member (for whom we'll keep the name anonymous) for donating $200 cash to these families.

Bria, a 7-year-old, received: Uno card game, Scrabble, alarm clock, in-line skates, skate protective pads, sweater, NASA t-shirt, jeans, shirt, art box

Brian, a 7-year-old, received: Sorry, Spiderman bubble bath, in-line skates, skate protective pads, watch, Transformer lollipop, NASA t-shirt, shirt, photo frame, Zoogles paintables by Crayola, and a Spiderman hover disc

Their mother received: $100 gift card to Giant for holiday meal/miscellaneous, snowman keepsake box, candle, $20 Target gift card, bathrobe & pajamas, and a Bath & Body Works gift set

Tashanna, a 5-year-old, received: LeapFrog LeapPad, big white stuffed bear, jeans, NASA t-shirt, little brown stuffed bear, Bratz backpack, Bratz journal

Jayla, a 20-month-old, received: LeapFrog Fridge Farm talking alphabet and farm animals, turtleneck and pants, jacket, NASA t-shirt, sweater and pants, pink stuffed horse, big white stuffed bear, shape sorting cube, little white stuffed bear, small stuffed monkey, and a small stuffed cow

Their mother received: $100 gift card to Giant for holiday meal/miscellaneous,$20 Target gift card, $40 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card, two Bath & Body Works gift sets, gloves, Santa decoration, and batteries for the LeapFrog devices

(The officers delivered the goods to the families in person on December 19th and 21st). A HUGE THANKS for everyone that helped contribute their time, money, (and wrapping paper) for these wonderful causes, your holiday wishes were shared with the family when the goods were delivered. The families wanted me to tell everyone "thanks" for everything you guys did to make their Christmas a little merrier.

Highlights of this party: We had several door prizes for our members every half hour (and the first 6 went to guys leaving the female-only door prize for the 7th number drawn, luckily a woman). A ‘Kiss Me' mis

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