Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Dec 3 2004 - Drinks and Pool at Jillian's (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Brett Twiggs
Participants:Brett Twiggs, John Putman, Keith Ellis, Matthew Sommer, Rebecca Frankenberger, Debbie Haggart, Tressa Ellis, Allison Ehrman, Patrick Haas, Kate Copanic, Terrick Khan, Christopher Herman, frederick king, Ted Nugent, Kimberly Humphreys

Write Up:
What a great time was had with "Drinks & Pool at Jillian's"! A good time was had by all--save for those (the organizer included) who did not prevail at the Air Hockey table!!

The night started under "The Good Life" sign at the round bar in Jillian's arcade area. Even though the loud music and talking around us made introductions difficult, all involved made their best efforts for yours truly--everyone was very concerned about "taking the quiz" to follow!

Anyway, after that, we all set about getting our chips & salsa, spicy buffalo wings, and beer(!), and talked about things big and small. It was during this phase of the evening that a person to be named later who has a penchant for proposing to numerous unsuspecting ladies whenever he goes out, was encouraged to do so again. Unfortunately, he declined, to the misfortune of all.

We had our share of characters during the evening. Who can forget, after all - the ANGRY BOWLER?!! He was our savior on the bowling lanes in paying for our second game, but suffered a bout of stress disorder caused by a very long line and testy patrons.

There was of course the "Hustler," as we like to call her - "Oh, I can't play Air Hockey. Don't worry about it. I can't possibly embarrass YOU!" Yeah, right - thanks! Not even MIGHTY John could defeat her! Of course, yours truly had his revenge on the bowling lanes--as I got to finish ahead of at least ONE person with a ROUSING 100!!

Thanks again to all who participated--it was fun organizing the event for you, and I hope all had fun being there. We had some first-timers there, and all said that they were very encouraged to come try out the club again, but on a more regular basis. We look forward to it!

Happy Holidays--and to all a good night!!

--Brett Twiggs

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