Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Dec 4 2004 - Visit to the Art-o-matic Art Exhibit (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Carla Cole
Participants:Carla Cole, Jeff Schneider, Thomas Edwards, Ronit Fix, Katry Harris, Amy Pickwick, Gunther Oakey, Dave Longtin, Casey Starshine, Mark Reynolds, Aaron Moore, John Putman, Eric Johnston, Katie Stofer, Kevin McCarthy, Ming Shih, Colin Babb

Write Up:
Art-o-matic ( is a three-week showcase of the work of more than 1,000 artists, musicians, poets, and performers in the Washington, DC, area. It is being held at the former Children's Museum building at 3rd and H Streets in North East DC. The building was originally a convent for the Sisters of Mercy, and is going to be converted into condominiums after the exhibit.

The group met at the entrance of the exhibit and each person was given a pin to denote their group. The 5 groups were: pigs, hands, monkeys, fish, and crabs. The organizer misused craft supplies to create these pins. Each group was assigned an "ambassador." The ambassadors were given maps of the exhibit and their duties included: starting on the correct floor for that group, making sure no floor took up more than a half hour, and making sure everyone made it to the Cabaret Stage at 6 pm. Before splitting up, the entire group gathered in a circle and each person introduced himself/herself and gave a description of his/her favorite work of art .

The five groups split up and toured the cavernous five floors of the exhibit. At 6 pm, everyone gathered at the Cabaret Stage. The plan was that each person would talk about his/ her favorite work at Art-o-matic, but little did we know that Santarchy ( was paying a visit to Art-o-matic at that very moment. It was very loud, so the group decided to enjoy the randomness of dancing drunk santas...what better way to get into the Christmas spirit?

The organizer hopes everyone had a good time and is looking forward to planning other art-related MOC events.

--Carle Cole

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