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Sun, Nov 21 2004 - Tour of Oriole Park at Camden Yards (View Original Event Details)

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Participants:Amy Pickwick, Allison Ehrman, Pat Pickwick, Rebecca Frankenberger, Michelle Dunn, John Putman, Lucas Fisher, Patrick Haas, Kevin Carr, Crystal Scroggins, Christopher Gran

Write Up:
Even though it was a Raven's gameday, we didn't encounter too many travel problems getting to Camden Yards (parking and traffic weren't all that bad in my opinion). The weather was in our favor, too--a perfect day for the ballpark!

The group had an amazing tour of the stadium and surrounding area, complete with lots of great info. Here are some interesting facts I picked up along the way:

The warehouse renovation and the stadium construction took the same amount of time to complete--33 months.

There is a "sod farm" in the outfield used to replenish the turf when needed. And, if that gets used up, there's six more acres of sod on the Eastern Shore for backup.

Babe Ruth grew up upstairs from his father's tavern (living above a tavern at age nine; wonder if that was any type of future influence?) that was located where second base is now.

Both the mayor and the governor have their own boxes for the games (I think we should recruit them to be MOC members).

The only organ music you hear during the game is from a computer; how disheartening.

The press seats are rolling chairs to expedite quick escapes from the 80+ mph foul balls.

The locker rooms are available for public viewing only one day out of the year--when season tickets go on sale. Obviously, we didn't see 'em.

There are two orange seats in the stadium, one for Cal Ripken's record setting 278th homerun (most ever by a shortstop) and the other for Eddie Murray's 500th homerun.

The turf on the field is able to drain water at a rate of 17 in/hour. If it happens to be raining that hard, most of the city would be underwater anyway.

I'm serious, DON'T TOUCH THE TURF!

Touching the right field foul pole (I call it the fair pole) is good luck.

Only one player has hit the warehouse: Ken Griffey Jr., who did it during the Homerun Derby in 1993 (as a side note, it is marked incorrectly distance-wise).

Finally, DON'T TO... ok, it's not as funny after the first two times.

That's about all I can recall for now (no Amy, I didn't take notes). I hope everyone enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I think my next MOC event is to get a luxury box for an O's game. Believe it or not, it can be feasible! Granted, we'll need to wait until some lowly team is in town, but it would be a great time.

As a final note, many thanks to Diana for the great tour; it was very informative and fun. I highly recommend all baseball fans take this tour if they have the chance!

--Brian Endres

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