Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Nov 12 2004 - Difficult Cabin Camping/Hiking Wknd in PA (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jeff Schneider
Participants:Jeff Schneider, Casey Starshine, Mark Reynolds, Christine Di Lapi, Jesse Allen, Kate Copanic, Nathan Gwozdecki, Katry Harris, Emilio Ungerfeld, Paula Moran, Leo Seung, shashidhara rudrappa

Write Up:
Charles Dickens couldn't have painted a grayer picture. The late afternoon in the Southern Pennsylvania forest was dark, rainy and foggy. To add to our gloom was the one mile hike to the cabin. Not just any one mile, but one that involved carrying our sleeping bags, clothes, coolers of food and one Dutch Oven. The name of the parking area, 'Dead Woman Hollow' didn't exactly lift our spirits either.

Somehow we managed to transport everything down the A.T. to the cabin. Upon entering the cabin, Leo was shocked at how small the cabin was, but relieved to discover 2 additional bunkrooms in the back. We started fires, unpacked our gear and got ready for a hearty and hot dinner.

An excellent Pasta Primavera dinner later (Jesse's cooking + MOC camping trip = bliss), we got down to business and started playing the game Loaded Questions. Along with Jesse's cooking, taking 'detours', and rain, Loaded Questions has become a tradition on MOC camping trips. The whole group got to know each other very well. Everyone's hopes, fears, dreams, frustrations and crushes were shared. As Emilio says, 'A Jolly good time was had by all'.

The next morning almost all of us woke up early and enjoyed yet another one of Jesse's meals. It was time to venture out to the now dry and sunny weather to meet up with Christine and Nathan in the small town of Boiling Springs. Surprisingly, we were only about a half hour late.

After stocking up on water at the closed A.T. regional office, we began the trail. It started next to a lovely lake full of ducks. Then, we went over some farmland. As soon as we got used to the farmland, we entered the forest and begun a ascent up a ridge. At the former halfway point of the A.T. (named Center Rock), some of us ate lunch and turned back. Jesse, Christine and Jeff continued on another mile to the Alec Kennedy Shelter, while Emilio, Nathan and Shashi went all the way to Whiskey Spring Road. We made sure they had flashlights, and they were off on a twelve mile hike. It was quite a diverse hike, with various landscape and different routes.

Jeff and Jesse made a quick stop in town at a local grocery store. Triscuit was on sale, and this made Jeff very happy. We also got Leo his desired Hot Chocolate. It was back to the cabin, and later on we were very excited to see headlamps out the window--Emilio, Nathan and Shashi made it back safely! Fortunately for them, they only had to do a dark hike when they ventured the one mile to the cabin.

Jesse's meal this night was a tasty Apricot Chicken, Rice and Curry dish. Yet another game of Loaded Questions followed. This time we were joined by Nathan and our one spectator on Friday, Shashi. We were a bit more subdued this night, due to the seriousness of some of the questions. Also, we were probably a bit tired.

On Sunday morning, we awoke to the lovely smell of Katry's Applesauce Pancakes. We enjoyed the smell of the pancakes and liked eating them too. Packing up and cleaning came next, which was made easy by the fact that we all worked together. This was one excellent group in sharing all the responsibilities. Transporting things back to the car was a little easier, since we had less weight and the weather was a bit more pleasant.

After packing up the cars and saying goodbye to Dead Woman Hollow, Nathan, Jeff, Emilio, Michael, Shashi and Jesse (we were very lonely without any women around) headed out on a hike. We started at the historic Pine Grove Furnace and learned all about how they used to make Iron and Steel a long time ago. We passed a beach and a lake this time (there certainly was diverse sights on our hikes!) and then begun a mild ascent up a mountain road. We were happy to see the halfway marker for the Appalachian Trail. It must be quite satisfying for A.T. thru-hikers to know they made the halfway point -- but a little crazy too

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