Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 9 2004 - Maryland Renaissance Festival (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kate Copanic
Participants:Kate Copanic, Mark Reynolds, Eric Bjurstrom, Vera Bjurstrom, Anita Wiler, Eric Finch, Allyson Green, Michael Eppert, Tony Tontodonato

Write Up:
We met up at 9:45 to witness the Sheriff''s welcome. It was Romance Weekend and there was going to be a wedding between Maid Marian and Guy of Gisborne. It was thrilling to walk through the gates to enter another world; we weren''t in Maryland anymore. We spent our day drinking mead and hard cider, eating chicken legs and scrumptious food, playing Renaissance games, and watching stage acts. I think our favorite stage act was the "Fight School" where we learned about the development and use of swords through history and watched duels. We played many games throughout the RenFest. Mark won at the axe-throwing competition, Tony practiced his skills at throwing knives, Allyson became a skilled archer, and Kate got put in the stocks for being a cheat. One major draw for us was the climbing wall (tower, really). We enjoyed sitting by the tower and cheering on those brave enough to try to ring the bell. After seeing quite a few failed attempts and feeling quite skeptical about the whole thing, we had the man running the place show us how it could be done. He showed us two ways to approach it. The guy was like spider man! We ended the day by returning there to see if anyone else could do it now that the place was more crowded.Overall the lords and ladies enjoyed a nice day of merriment!

--Kate Buck

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