Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Oct 1 2004 - Camping Weekend at Green Ridge (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Colin Babb, Stacey Kittner
Participants:Colin Babb, Alisa Sirianni, KC Yi, Sarah James, Leo Seung, carrie waddell, Stacey Kittner, Brian Loughery, Laura Loughery, Young Kim, Kristen Buck, Laura Hustead

Write Up:
This camping weekend began with, naturally, a bit of unplanned drama and adventure. While people were gathering at the carpool in Frederick, our point man KC called to inform us that his car had broken down (immediately, groans and despair appeared when all knew there would be no seat warmers available on the trip) some miles up ahead past Hagerstown. KC's water and firewood (he had chopped down a tree on his property just for the occasion) had to be left behind as Brian picked up KC from a dealership garage in Hagerstown. Otherwise, everyone followed the directions and headed straight for the campsite, deep inside Green Ridge State Forest on lovely gravel-rutted roads. The organizers took a different route as money had to be deposited at the ranger station.

Darkness had fallen once everyone began to converge on the campsite. Curiously, the site, which had been reserved in advance, already was occupied by a man and his son, who had started a fire and were settling down for the evening. Once the situation was made clear to these two squatters, they began throwing their firewood into the back of their pickup truck and the fire was quickly doused to prevent the evil forces of MOC from seeking apparently illicit satisfaction from their hard-won fire. They then sped off to some other tree-covered abode in the forest. We immediately began to build our camp, which was at a small group site on a significant slope (which did mean at least there were few chances for the formation of puddles when the inevitable rain would come). After we had settled down around the fire, several rangers appeared and, among other things, suggested a possible hiking route for us to follow the next morning (little did we know that they probably were pulling our legs when they said it was an easy hike).

Despite the lateness of getting to the site and the setup, some people decided their days had not been long or tiring enough and availed themselves of the all-night warmth of the new and improved campfire we had built after the squatters had left. Stories and tales were told into the starry evening as the rest of us slumbered in our slanted, tilted tents.

The next morning, after a wonderful breakfast cooked by Stacey, we put our packs in order and headed out up the road to the trail head, which ended up being another part of the same trail followed on the MOC's 2003 Green Ridge camping trip. It started out well enough, hiking through grassy fields and following the bed of Fifteen Mile Creek. We spotted a small adirondack shelter near the creek; a three-foot-long black rat snake greeted us there who quickly scurried away from the intruding humans. The shelter ended up being the last bastion of civilization for a while as we soon came on a significant ridge where the trail almost literally headed straight up. We conquered this mini mountain, but it was hard going. We ate lunch at what we supposed was somewhere approaching the top. We also decided to continue on instead of going back the way we came.

It was soon after this that the required rain for the weekend appeared, pouring down on us for several hours as we slogged our way down the mountain and into several creek crossings and grassy fields. Conversation subsided as we all headed through the rain (hiking in the rain is serious business). Eventually, we ended up back at one of the gravel roads through the forest, and we hiked another hour or more back to the campsite. As we continued on the road, the rain subsided and never made a reappearance for the rest of the evening. In the meantime, KC had made his way back to Hagerstown to get a rental car after being dropped off by one MOCer who decided to go home after not feeling well. By the time we returned from the hike, he had returned with the water and some of the firewood (and there was much rejoic

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