Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Oct 1 2004 - Bar Hop at Power Plant Live (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kate Copanic
Participants:Kate Copanic, Brett Twiggs, Majeed Khan, Lisa Paull, John Putman, Keith Ellis, Maria Maranto Dickey, Dorlisa Minnick

Write Up:
Despite arriving to find that the oh-so-glorious fountain had been decommissioned for the season and was no longer an impressionable landmark, the group gathered without a problem. Our first stop--Howl at the Moon. Those of you less familiar with this area should know that Howl at the Moon is an outstanding dueling piano bar that is an excellent warm- up to a night out. The group was entertained by spirits and singing along to familiar tunes. Once we were good and warmed up we headed out across the way to Have a Nice Day Cafe. Now, normally Have a Nice Day would be an alternative to the modern dance scene, featuring older dance songs from the eighties and nineties. However, we were fortunate enough to come on a special night--we got on TV!

Cameramen were all over the dance floor taping anything funky they could find. On a few occasions they doted on our group (anyone see us?). One fun feature of this club is the shadow walls. Anyone can go behind them and dance, projecting their shadow to the people on the dance floor--very amusing stuff. A few of our fellow MOCers who wish to remain nameless did a little shadow dancing of their own! And I must say, fine dancin' it was. We give them a 10!

Some of us continued from there to Lucille's where we went a little lower key and sat at tables outside enjoying the good weather and the cool breeze. More drinks and some hilarious conversation followed. Then, of course, what would a night out be without a marriage proposal? All in all, it was what we all needed after a long workweek.

--Kate Buck

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