Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Nov 7 2004 - Difficult Day Hike in WV (Maryland Heights) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jeff Schneider
Participants:Jeff Schneider, John Hughes, Carol Middleton, Mariusz Kolodziejczyk, Vera Bjurstrom, Eric Bjurstrom, Nathan Gwozdecki, Mark Reynolds, Dorlisa Minnick, Brett Twiggs, Katry Harris, Paula Moran, Allyson Green, Keith Ferguson, Olga Chistyakova, H. Tran, Kim Laabes, Daniel Laabes, Terrick Khan, Caresse Bullock, Laura Lovelace, Christopher Gran, Allison Boland

Write Up:
Events in Harpers Ferry are always fun - there's the rivers, history, stunning overlooks and, most importantly, the restaurants for post-event indulgence. On this pleasant fall day, the MOC tackled the Maryland Heights Trail for the second time this year.

We stumbled into the Visitors Center parking lot early enough to get some good parking spots. Some of us were a little groggy, but the bus's infamous 'Harpers Ferry Song' (John Denver's spirit is alive) pumped us up. The group was given Jeff's homemade infomatiion handouts and even some non-MOC tourists on the bus got a copy.

The height of Maryland Heights was experienced on the climb up. Some of the more enthusiastic hikers sped up the wrong trail, but John was sent running to catch them before we lost them. A couple drips of sweat later, everyone managed to gather at the lookout. This is an excellent view on the river and the town. With this natural beauty, did Civil War Soldiers stationed up there really have it that bad?

Next was following the ridge around to the descent. The NPS does a great job in preserving the area and remnants from the soldiers. We learned that even with the overlooks, the soldiers did have it pretty bad because all those cannons and things were pretty heavy and not easy to bring up the mountain.

Many of us stayed together for lunch in town, while some folks opted to go home. One MOC'er even participated in a rescue mission for a rock climber who fell.

Thanks to everyone who came out and I hope you had a good time.

--Jeff Schneider

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