Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Sep 12 2004 - Touch Football Game (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chih Lin, Joanne Milne
Participants:Chih Lin, Joanne Milne, Ian Wright, KC Yi, Rebecca Frankenberger, John Putman, Young Kim, Kevin McCarthy, Kate Copanic, Brian Marron, Lisa Paull, Alvin Liem, Jason Craver, Lora Polowczuk, Brian Dolbeare, Jeff Schneider

Write Up:
It was a warm and sunny Sunday in September. It was almost too hot, but the day was ripe for an intense game of football. In the early morning, players begin to gather around the Van Boekkelen Elementary School field. After the pregame stretches and trash talking, we quickly divided into two teams. The game play was intense and everyone got involved. The level of play took a whole new level when players had to dodge poop rags on the field while running their routes. Jason and Young took the leadership role exchanging play time at quarterback for Team 'Bad Guys.' Alvin laid out for several passes and KC made several solid catches as well. Kevin and John towered over the defense's cornerbacks while Ian provided the protection for the quarterback. Veteran player Rebecca showcased her skills as well. Team 'Good Guys,' a collection of rag-tag players, was led by the quiet leadership of Brian Marron, the speed of Brian Dolbeare, the defensive dominance of Lora, and the trash talking of Jeff Schneider. Kate contributed several catches and Lisa put herself on the scoreboard by catching one in the end zone.

In the end, Team Good Guys was victorious. It was hard fought and I was incredibly impressed with the effort displayed. The competitive spirit showed through for everyone and after handshakes, we headed out to Friday's for drinks. The insane eight-car caravan to the bar was led by the lead car, Chih, as the other players weaved their cars in and out of traffic. Everyone managed to survive the caravan and football game with no serious injuries, so it was a good day. Thanks for coming out everyone; be ready for a rematch in the future.

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