Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jul 24 2004 - Shakespeare and Annapolis Pub Crawl (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Colin Babb
Participants:Colin Babb, Brian Loughery, Laura Loughery, Rebecca Frankenberger, Kristen Larson, Katie Stofer, Jesse Allen, Gwen Savage, Adam Miller, Amy Pickwick, Steve Ehrman, Ian Preuss, Sarah Goddard, Leo Seung, Eric Bjurstrom, Mark Reynolds, Katherine McColl

Write Up:
The skies looked ominous in the early evening, and the weather report wasn't encouraging either. Normally, a little rain wouldn't be a problem for an MOC event (let's face it, sometimes it seems like it almost always rains when we do something), but when you're trying to watch Shakespeare in an outside theater, sitting in your seat in the middle of a long soliloquy while its pouring is not the most enjoyable way to spend an evening. Luckily, before we all left for the theater downtown, a phone call to the theater confirmed that indeed the show would go on.

After a 25-minute jaunt through the secret back alleys of Annapolis, we made our way downtown and appeared at the box office with more than enough time. We also were pleasantly surprised that we were given the group rate, which is $2 less, for our tickets without having asked for it. The Summer Garden Theater is a pretty small affair all told, with just a couple hundred seats (and lawn furniture to boot). We had two rows in the front reserved for us, and we all sat down to the performance of The Taming of the Shrew.

The production received mixed reviews from our hard crowd of outdoor critics, but the cast had their iambic pentameters and Elizabethan accents down well. Somewhere in the middle of the first half of the play before intermission, the rain began to fall lightly and then picked up. By the time the lights dimmed to mark intermission, those of us who brought cover were making use of it, and those who had brought nothing were shivering in their seats hoping for the rain or the play to stop. During the break, the theater folks stopped for an extra 15 minutes to let the rain pass. About half our crowd, though, decided to make an early run on the bar scene to catch some brews and welcome dryness. The play went on, however, even though it continued to rain a bit, but it stopped eventually and everything ended as a Shakespearean comedy always does, with people getting married and making merry and all that.

Afterward, the two halves of the group finally caught up with each other at the City Dock Cafe. With quite a few people deciding that they were just a tad bit too tired to party on through the evening (including me), we sauntered back home while others decided the pull of Griffins and the live band in its window was too much fun to pass up. (This portion of the evening, sad to say, I cannot comment on…). But it all ended just like the play (but without anyone getting married, as far as I know).

--Colin Babb

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