Maryland Outdoor Club
Mon, Jul 26 2004 - Movie Night on the National Mall (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): stephen pheiffer, Shelley Sanner
Participants:stephen pheiffer, Ronit Fix, Kevin McCarthy, Laura Paszkiewicz, Joanne Milne, Lisa Paull, Shelley Sanner, Robert Petty, Paula Moran, KC Yi, Bernadette Wassmann, Alvin Liem, Ian Wright, Stacey Kittner, Colin Babb, chanath ather

Write Up:
I for one did not expect watching 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' would be such an arduous task. However, I found myself beneath a gigantic tarp, along with 16 other MOCers, hiding from a severe downpour. I don''t imagine anyone made it home dry. Nonetheless, despite the inclement weather, we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

At the start of the evening all was well. People managed to find us even without the aid of the 'Its a boy' and 'Its a girl' balloons that were to identify our group on the lawn (tragically, these were lost earlier). Sitting on a ground cloth, people ate the food they brought, while I longingly wished I had been intelligent enough to bring dinner, too. Fortunately, as a reward for my stupidity, I was treated to a portion of KC and Shelley''s salmon dinner.

As people were finishing their food, the rain started. We initially combatted nature by raising our umbrellas, and after a short time we pulled an enormous tarp over them. Cocooned by our makeshift shelter we were entertained by playing 'Loaded Questions' and eating the tart dessert Shelley had prepared. We even sold beverages to some wandering lost souls who were without the benefit of a waterproof canopy.

After enduring the rain and each other''s company (just kidding!) for several hours the movie finally started. We were all dazzled by the special effects and the group learned that Mr. Hyde is a fairly disreputable character with no redeeming qualities. I for one silently booed him the whole movie.

--Stephen Pfeiffer

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